Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Cle de Peau's $70 Concealer

A couple of weeks ago in this post I mentioned I bought a tube of Cle de Peau full coverage stick concealer in the states when I was on holidays there in May. I had been wanting to purchase it for years after hearing celebrities and their makeup artists rant and rave about it but the hefty price tag ($70.00!) and the fact that I couldn't acquire it locally dissuaded me from taking the plunge. But, during my trip I came upon a Nordstrom's in Scottsdale and decided to suck it up and buy it to see what the hype was all about. Who cares if I couldn't go out for dinner and drinks that same night because I was now broke?? If it made my purply/dark under-eye circles completely disappear than it was DAMN WELL WORTH IT!!

Here's a swatch. The woman at the counter chose 'Ivory' for me, which is the lightest of the four shades they carry. The concealer is very creamy. She suggested warming it up with my finger for about 10 seconds before applying it.

I used GM Collin eye cream underneath. I live in an extremely dry climate so I have to wear a hydrating eye cream every day. That's probably why it looks a little wet in the photo on the right.

I compared Cle de Peau to MAC Pro Longwear which is what I normally use. You can see Cle de Peau gives a bit more coverage than the MAC concealer.

So what do I think? Cle de Peau's concealer gives me great coverage and lasts longer than others I've tried in the past. It stays on ALL day, blends easily, melts into the skin, and successfully covers up dark circles, blemishes and imperfections. (Bet you couldn't tell I had a couple of zits on my forehead in the above photo! Or maybe you could?) A little goes a long way, the amount of concealer that comes in a tube will last me at least six months. The con's: It's expensive at $70.00 a pop, it can look a bit cakey, it seeps into my fine lines (but I find all concealers do, even with a primer) and did I mention it's $70.00?! Would I buy it again? I prefer a liquid concealer, like MAC Pro Longwear because I find they're easier to apply. (Plus Pro Longwear is more than $50.00 cheaper!) Cle de Peau didn't make my dark circles magically disappear like I hoped it would but it did do a nice job concealing them which is what a concealer is supposed to do. I found it gave me the best coverage and stayed put the longest out of any concealer I have ever used. So yes, if I could afford it every once in awhile and I could purchase this concealer in my province I would buy it again!

Have you tried Cle de Peau concealer? Which concealer do you use?

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to the mountains tonight for a much-needed mini vacation! I'll be back in a few days. If I survive our white water rafting trip.Wish me luck!

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Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

i've never used concelear - i RAREly ever wear make-up - seriously - only like BIG events like weddings and stuff - otherwise i'm ALWAYS bare - maybe a lipgloss but that's it ..

J. said...

Great post Marie! I was waiting for your review, as concealer is my most favorite make up item as it is with me at all times. I switch between using a mac concealer and an Arbonne concealer.

Love the honesty in your review-very helpful to your followers. Thank you for the advice!

:) J.

Courtney Erin said...

I usually use either Almay or Neutrogena concealer - I find they both blend really well. I leave in an incredibly humid climate so nothing really ever stays out all day and I usually pack them around with me for quick touch ups. For more heavy duty under eye bags I have a liquid Revlon concealer that works gangbusters!

xoxo ~ Courtney

P.S. Have fun on your trip - it sounds like a ton if fun!

Karena said...

I am not using a concealer/ however with my lack of sleep from blogging (Ha!) I now need to!

Great review thanks so much!

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Lindsey said...

Oh lord have mercy. I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I read "70 dollar concealer"!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!!! I don't wear concealer so I sure as hell wouldn't spend 70 dollars on it. But if it really is that amazing, maybe it would be worth it for someone who did. AGH! But obviously I'm such a bargain shopper the thought of 70 dollars on one make up item makes me lose my breath! It does look really good!!! And I def could not see any pimples on your forehead. So it does work really welL!!

Nikosmommy said...

Great review marie! I'm always on the hunt for something to cover and conceal my dark under eye circles. Not sure I'd drop the cash on this product unless it was amazing (and I hate it when concealer settles in my fine lines!) Based on what you've said I think i may pass on this one then and stick with my Benefit erase paste! However I'm still searching for an amazing concealer!

Anonymous said...

Wow that's very expensive... I'm not sure if I'd invest such a pricey product lol. I'd rather invest in skin care so I'd use less concealer - I'm just more a skin care person I guess. It looks fabulous on you and I can't see any blemishes there on your forehead! I guess I'm lucky I've found a an affordable concealer that fits the bill - have you tried Bobbi brown's? Great review!

Nav said...

Great review and post! I always cringe at the prices but if its like the best quality product ever, I make exceptions too. Love the quality of it.

I use mac's concealer for work and maybelline mousse concealer casually =]

xo Nav

Carolyn said...

I've tried so many...After polling a few makeup artists, I went out and bought the Laura Mercier one. It's expensive ($30) but I love it. Great coverage, blends easily. Highly recommend. There are two types and I use the one with just a single shade in it (the other one has a lighter color you can mix into it to tailor it a little more).

Pop Champagne said...

I don't use concealer so don't know much about them, but sometimes i do find mac is a bit expensive and there are better and cheaper alternatives! have a great weekend Marie!


I personally don't mind spending $70 on concealer or on any make up that really works. However, having said that I've had fantastic luck with Nars Concealer, which I buy at Sephora. It's around $24 gives me amazing coverage, but it's still light enough to not seep into my fine lines. Great to learn about the Cle de Peau concealer, fantastic post Marie. Happy weekend. xx veronika

PS love your look in your "pink it was love at first sight," post -gorgeous!!

eye wrinkle creams said...

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Katherine said...

Marie -- I actually happen to like this concealer quite a bit. It IS expensive, but lasts a long time (about a year) and feels great texture-wise. Covers well. Stays put. I'm on my second one. HOWEVER, I don't use it as much under my does feel perhaps a bit cakey there. I prefer La Prarie's concealer...the one that comes in a silver pen. Also $$, however. A recent cheaper alternative I found is Paula Dorf's Magic Stick -- I think it's only $24. Doesn't have the same "feel" but works very well.

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