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Q & A With Makeup Artist Lisa Tatum

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A few weeks ago my cousin Lisa created a couple of holiday makeup looks on me that I shared with you here. Because of all the amazing feedback from my readers I thought you guys would be interested in a Q & A with my very talented relative ; ). Read on to find out why Lisa thinks women should NOT wear foundation, what her 5 favorite MAC products are and how to apply concealer correctly!

What do you do? Please describe your occupation.

I have been a freelance Makeup Artist for 15 years, and working for MAC Cosmetics in various capacities for 13 years.  Currently, in addition to freelance work such as editorial shoots, photo shoots, corporate, bridal, and beauty, I work as an Online Artist for MAC Online, answering inquiries regarding MAC products and makeup artistry.
What made you want to become a makeup artist and how did you get started? Did you have any training?

Being a dancer for many years, I fell in love with makeup for stage and started applying various looks on friends and family.  After graduating from university with a BA in Forensic Anthropology, I took a chance and moved to Vancouver to attend the makeup program at Vancouver Film School, and focused on special fx makeup.  The film industry was attractive, however getting in was quite a daunting task at that point (ie: limited funds!).  I had known (and loved) MAC for years, and finally had the schooling under my belt to get my foot in the door.  MAC then fine-tuned my training in all aspects of makeup, and provided me with many opportunities, both in business and makeup artistry. 

What words of wisdom could you give aspiring makeup artists when they’re just starting out?

Go to school.  Although it's not required, and you will hear of many self-taught artists once in the industry, schooling gives you both the basics and the credentials to expedite your career advancement, as well as provides you with contacts in the industry.  Also, be an individual, and have passion about your art.  

From a shoot I did with Lisa and photographer Debbi Martin years ago in San Fransisco. I think I was 21 in this photo.

What is your favorite brand of makeup to use?

MAC, of course!  Seeing as I have been with the company for so long, I just know the performance and payoff of their products is always going to be top notch.  I have one other absolute favorite product from another line, I must confess:  Bobbi Brown Matte Bronzing Powder.  I believe a Bronzing Powder should provide warmth and contour, not shimmer, and this one works beautifully.  Shimmer/shine should be placed strategically, on the high planes of the face, such as cheekbones, apples of the cheeks, spine of the nose, and softly on forehead and chin.  This creates the most natural, glowing effect.

5 Favorite MAC products:

1. Strobe Cream
2. Fluidline Gel Liner
3. Select Sheer Powder/Pressed
4. Pro Longwear Concealer
5. Wipes

Do you use any drugstore brands? If so, which products?

I don’t like spending a lot on mascara, and find that there are some really great drugstore brands out there in this particular product category.  Right now I absolutely adore Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara (blackest black), with Cover Girl Lash Blast as a close second. 

What makeup product do you wish women would wear less of? 

Foundation, hands down.  If I could put one message out to the female masses, it would be to stop wearing it.  No more base face, lines of demarcation, or horribly matched shades!  Skin would be clearer, and we’d all have much more money to spend on better things, like Eye Shadow and Lipstick ; ). I also find that natural skin, freckles and all, is much more beautiful than perfected skin (which looks ridiculous in natural light).  Here is my program for getting off the stuff:  1) do a skin “cleanse” (no foundation) for a couple of days to a week if possible, 2) exfoliate daily, 3) use concealer and powder for coverage.

How do you stop under eye concealer from creasing and seeping into fine lines?

Use a light yet effective eye cream (I like to use MAC Fast Response Eye Cream), and allow it to absorb.  Blot gently with a tissue, then apply a longwearing concealer with a fluffy blending brush (MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is fabulous).  Only apply concealer where needed – most of the time it is not necessary to apply onto the entire under eye.  After application, pat with your fingertip to blend and remove excess.  Then set with a light, oil control powder, such as MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (which refines the look of the skin as well).

Can you tell us about any new MAC products that will be coming out in the future? (special collections/limited editions, etc.)

MAC has a beautiful collection launching in time for New Year’s Eve called Champale, which will feature varying shades of champagne.  This is the perfect collection to create that glowing, luminous look that we all want so desperately (ahem, Marie’s first look)!

How do you suggest women learn how to do their own make-up and/or learn new techniques? 

Consult with a professional makeup artist. YouTube is great, however not everyone has the same eye shape as that girl who did the perfect smoky eye tutorial.  Having a makeup artist demonstrate on your individual skin, bone structure and features gets you started on the right foot, and provides you with the appropriate choices for you and your lifestyle.  One caveat: Makeup lessons cover quite a bit of information, therefore I strongly advise having your artist allow you to replicate right there and then the techniques they show you (for example, they do one eye, you do the other), as well as provide you with a list of products and tools they have used, or else you will go home and forget everything!

What do you love about your job?

There is nothing better than seeing your subject’s face when they see the transformation.  And what’s better than creating something beautiful? 

Lisa currently resides in the Bay Area with her musician husband and two kids. To contact her please visit her website.

Thanks Lisa! 


candy apples said...

I loved this post!! Everyone wears foundation, so I thought I should be trying to find one for myself too, and I bought a liquid foundation last year and ended up hating it. I feel so much better about myself after reading your post :D

Both of you look absolutely radiant♥


Closet Fashionista said...

What a fun interview!! I love the photos of you :D

Nikki said...

This is so great! I love MAC too and so it's really nice to hear about new products and an artists fav's!!!!
have a great day!


Jessica said...

Marie, this is so so interesting! Those are really great tips. I actually have a problem with concealer creasing under my eyes, so I'll have to try that MAC product she talked about. Love this! Have a great Monday! xo

Karena said...

What beautiful women!! I love trying new makeup and switching looks from day to night!

Marie, have you come to enter my Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!!

Art by Karena

Courtney Erin said...

I love her no foundation stance - I wore it for about six months and then stopped a year ago in favor of just concealer and powder and a tinted sunscreen and I've never looked back.

xoxo ~ Courtney

City Cinderella said...

Loved this.

Anonymous said...

I love this post being a self confessed make up junkie! Great tips! I have about no less than 20 girls over here around prom time so I can do their make up for them... so much fun!! xo

J. said...

Great Post Marie! Thank you to both you and Lisa for sharing all the great info. Great advice! I like the tip on the eye cream to avoid creases.
Thanks! :) J.

Catita said...

Oh Marie, you look GORGEOUS on that last picture! Amazing!

Kara said...

This a great Q&A! Thanks for sharing and thanks to your cousin for some great tips! ;) I loveee MAC! :)


Pop Champagne said...

nice interview, love the tips. and wow you remind me so much of whitney port in that pic! :)

Adrienne said...

Thank you for this helpful and interesting interview. I am in the market for some new concealer and pressed powder...I'll have to check out Lisa's MAC recommendations.


Addicted to Design said...

I really like your blog and I love your style! :P

Alexandra said...

nice interview,
you looked so adorable at 21 as you look today too ofcourse

My Republic of Fashion said...

Wow! I love that 2nd picture of you. Great interview. I am tempted to do a maek-up course now. :)SarahD

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I've heard so many makeup artists say you don't have to go to school, but I am glad to hear someone finally say that you should.

A Shine Bunny said...

This post is just awesome! I learned a lot from and it basically answers most of my questions about makeup!

Thank you so much!

Mrs. Julius said...

thanks for the post. i love the tips. i hate foundation...just feels like i'm wearing too much makeup whenever i try it on.

you look gorgeous. i love the makeup! esp. the eyes!

Anonymous said...

what a great job to be a MUA! this is a very informative posts :D You look gorgeous with Lisa and in the older picture you posted too!

SiSi Sparkles said...

That was a great read! Thanks for sharing tips to future MUA, it was very inspiring!

this free bird said...

Okay seriously have the best skin. It is flawless!! She has great tips here on what to buy also. Noting!


Tamera's Take said...

Ok, when I first saw this, I didn't have time t sit back and absorb it all so I told myself I was going to come back and read it properly. And WOW!!! What a great interview! Thank you so much for this Marie. I learnt so much!
Tamera xo

Orla xx said...

her top 5 items are the smae as mine:) xx

Christine said...

I love Biotherm, good products. I use their skin products and im very happy about them :)

Fantasy by Bristney Spears is a sweet and yummy perfume haha. You should try it out the next time you are in the perfume shop :)

*chameleon* said...

great post and interview!!!!actually great blog,i've just discovered it!!!:) i'll be following u...if u want check out my blog...:0

Madiha said...

OMG you look so beautiful in that pic!! Great post :)

Natalie said...

This was so cool. And I absolutely adore that old picture! You look like a Greek Goddess :) The lip color looks like it would flatter everyone.

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