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Interview with 'The Bachelor's' Keltie, Bachelor Fashion and a Giveaway!

Most people will recognize this gorgeous former Rockette as the quirky Keltie from this season's 'The Bachelor,' the contestant that showed off her sky-high kicks as soon as she got out of the limo to meet The Bachelor himself, Texas-bred Brad Womack. But some of you may not know much about her besides the fact that Brad sent her home in tears without a coveted rose in the second episode and that she has great legs! Because of editing on the show, we only got to see a glimpse of Keltie's sparkling personality which left the viewers wanting to know more about her, where she came from, what her deal is, etc. Well lucky for me (and you) I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Keltie Colleen and even had her weigh in on some Bachelor fashion!

On the show it stated you were from Hollywood, California but you were actually raised in a small town in Alberta, Canada called Sherwood Park. What was it like growing up there?
Sherwood Park was a little "bubble". I still call it that. I was half busy dancer/student with no life + half girl trying to get boys to like me and go to parties. I knew from a very young age that I was going to get out of that town and live in a massive city.

At nineteen you packed your bags and moved to New York City all by yourself. What was that like?
It was heaven. I was living and dancing in NYC. That was my dream. I had no money and I was so rich. There is an undeniable lust for life in NYC, EVERYONE is following some passion. Everything is interesting. It is totally beautiful in a dirty, fast paced way. 

A lot of contestants become famous after appearing on 'The Bachelor' but you were a celebrity in your own right before going on the show. In addition to dancing with the world-famous Radio City Rockettes for 5 years you've also performed with major artists on stage like Taylor Swift (MVA's) and Fergie (Fashion Rocks), and in videos for Christina Perri and Gym Class Heroes, just to name a few.
I think that was a constant struggle for me, because people look at you and see that you are already in the public eye and then think, "well, she's doing this because she wants to be famous". I was a part of the most famous dance troupe in the world. Bachelor girls stay famous for like...15 minutes. The Rockettes have been around for 78 years! Plus, I've been around enough "famous" people to know that fame is not something worth lusting after. I want to continue to be successful and do the things I love.

What was your most memorable gig?
My most memorable gig was most likely dancing in + being the associate choreographer for my best friend Christina Perri's music video "Jar Of Hearts" this past fall. Being on set with a friend while all her dreams are coming true. Priceless.

In addition to your dancing and choreography, you've also had success as a host and now author of 'Rockettes, Rockstars, and Rockbottom.' Can you tell my readers a little bit about your book?
Sure, 'Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom' is a book about chasing your dreams and losing your heart. It reads like a journal. It is brutally honest about what we women go through in our relationships. I started the book after I woke up to find proof that my boyfriend of 3 years had been cheating on me AND everyone else in our circle knew, and no one told me. I was in shock, a fool and heartbroken. The story is about picking up all the pieces of your heart and putting yourself back together, I know everyone can relate.

(You can read what I thought about the book here.)

Because you dated and fell in love (and later broke up) with a famous musician a few years ago you had a lot of haters in the online community. How did you deal with all that negativity?
Honestly, it used to get to me but I think that it is really easy to hate people on the internet. We look at people and because of Twitter and blogs and such we think we know them. Maybe we know pieces of them but never the whole truth. People hated me because they thought I was pulling apart their favorite band or ruining their chances of hooking up with one of the guys in the band. Obviously having a girlfriend wouldn't have stopped him and I loved that band, more than I loved myself at the time. I wanted them to stay together and make music forever. 

You designed your own signature series of dancewear for 'Sugar and Bruno.' What inspired you to do so?
Well, they asked me! I was thrilled and I can honestly say it is pretty amazing to see a room full of dancers all rockin' my designs. I've always loved fashion. I am mostly horrible at dressing myself so it is pretty great to get to design the stuff I want to wear! My clothes are all for sale at my website, check out the lace "chic" short, it is so cute and comfy! I also recently made this adorable stripe tank-top that says "Keep Calm and Dance On" with a metallic crown. It's so cute for summer! 

You're known as a 'hustler' in the North Amercian dance community. Can you explain more about that? What drives you?
I got this reputation for being the hardest working dancer in showbiz. I agree but it's funny. I wish I was known for being the best or prettiest! I just feel so lucky to be living the life I am, and I try not to take anything for granted. I was given this one in a million chance and I want to make the most of it.

Your inspirational blog, highkicksandhighhopes is quite popular, especially among teens. When and why did you start writing it and what do you hope your readers take away from it?
I started HKHH about 5 years ago. I wanted to spill my thoughts on dance and love. Sometimes I am shocked by how much I open up to my readers. I think that there are so many hurtful blogs and websites that aim to make fun of people/celebs or talk about that whole culture and make us "normal" girls feel a little less than, my blog is all about telling the truth and being honest about the struggles we face as women, and the guys! I will never understand them, endless material there.

What's next for you?
Right now I am planning another book tour, working on two T.V. show ideas, working to make my book into a rad movie, finding the best pieces from all over LA to sell at my shop + planning the spring photo shoot for my clothing line!

You're one busy woman! I hear you'll be appearing in the upcoming remake of "Footloose," too.
Yeah, I was cast as a principle dancer in the movie. I get to be in some of the big dance scenes, it was awesome. We shot in Atlanta.

Do you still believe in love?
I think that the universe give you what you wish for, just not in the place or time you wish for it.

Now on to the fun questions!

If you only had three words to describe yourself what would they would be? 
Nerd. Impatient. Meerkitten.
What are five things you can't live without?

1. kiehls tinted lotion 
2. eyelash extensions
3. Matt Nathanson records
4. diet coke
5. my friends

What is your favorite album?
'Some Mad Hope' by Matt Nathanson

Favorite books?
Perks of Being a Wallflower, She's Come Undone, Take Another Piece of My Heart
What do you love about L.A.?
The sunshine and weather, it's always perfect!

What do you hate about L.A.?
The traffic.

What do you miss about New York?
Taking the subway, the vintage stores in Brooklyn, the seasons, exposed brick, the culture, theatre, Arlene's Grocery, my friends. 

What are your favorite clothing stores to shop at?
I do most of my shopping online. I love, + I've also started my own webstore called "shopkeltie" at I have been going to cool designers in LA and picking up pieces to sell to people all over the world that might not be able to shop in a big mecca. Plus, I do $5 shipping! 

What make-up products can you not live without?
I am obsessed with skincare, at the golden globes gifting suite this year I got these little oil beads for skin + I am obsessed with them! I am a big fan of Ladyblush from MAC, Viva Glam/Gaga Lipstick and Bronzer! 

Now on to Bachelor Fashion!

First of all, Keltie, I loved the way you dressed on the show, and think you have amazing style. Was it easy or difficult to choose your outfits for filming? And how much time did you girls spend getting dressed and dolled up?
It was a little hard to plan and pack. They tell you that you can only bring 2 suitcases and you have no idea what you will be doing! I had a ton of party dresses from doing different events, but if I am not "dolled up" I am usually dancing in sweats and tanks. Sometimes we had a bunch of time to get ready, and other times it was really fast.

 Let's take a look at the dress you picked to wear for the first episode when you met Brad for the first time:

photo via
I love the sequined neckline and the silhouette of this Alice + Olivia cream satin dress. 
Yeah, I have no idea why some of the girls chose to wear 80's prom dresses- I was so surprised. For me, I really dig the boho-chic style, I never wear tight clothes if I can get away with it. I was shopping for awhile and when I saw this dress I GASPED- I felt really natural in it. 

photo via
Here you are in a cute purple sundress. I love how you accessorized with a belt and earrings.
The magic of TV, this dress is actually blue and made out of vintage denim + was an old piece from Urban Outfitters Vintage thingy. The belt I stole from an ex-boyfriend + it says "Hank" on the back. I have no idea why. I am of course wearing my Mantra Cuff that I sell with my clothing line, it says "courage, passion, hard work" on it and is my mantra for life, I am usually wearing it! I always wear ONE earring. I guess it is my thing. I cannot remember why I started doing that. I was wearing HUGE MIA wedges and remember feeling way taller than anyone else. 

photo via
                                                                    photo via
Gorgeous! Tell me ALL about this dress!
The dress is purple and I bought it from (one of my FAV sites!) The headpiece was made for me by an amazing friend Kelsie who owns HALE jewelry. It's all chain and link and goes great with my boho style. Funny enough I was "saving" my good dresses for later on, maybe for a date. Whoops!

Here's a picture of the Dolce & Gabanna's Meghan wore in Episode 1. I think they're kind of ugly, what about you?
Did anyone notice that there is a plastic lipstick on the toe? I love a statement shoe for sure, but what bothered me about her in this shoe was that she couldn't walk! Ladies, PLEASE do not wear high heels or wedges and then clomp around like a monster in them. You have to walk, not shuffle.

 photo via 
I thought Shawntal looked stunning in this cris-cross green number. Thoughts??
Shawntal is a natural beauty, I remember on the first night she had this loose ponytail that looked like she just got back from the gym...and it looked good! I think she looks pretty amazing here.

 photo via
Emily wore this dress, which I believe is from Forever 21 and now sold out online, on her moonlight picnic with Brad in Episode 4. She looks good in anything!
Emily really is a little Barbie. She looks good in everything. What I love about Emily in this dress is that so many girls on the show had their boobs hanging out the whole time, call it boob envy, but it's kinda weird. Emily had some knockers but she always dressed super classy and sexy, not just sexy.

photo via
Michelle's tunic is gorgeous! I enjoy her comfy casual style on the show. I hear she had a stylist pick out all her outfits for The Bachelor.?
Michelle has rad style. If she had a stylist she was so lucky! I wish I had someone to pick out my clothes for me. I love these huge earrings.

photo via
I'm not a fan of Rachel's dress at all. I think it's the print I don't like.
The only time it's appropriate to wear a Pucci print is if it is actually Pucci. Enough said.
Agreed. Thanks Keltie! 

(For more fun Bachelor fashion, check out The Possessionista, she's hilarious.)

And speaking of one of my favorite topics - FASHION - Keltie has so sweetly offered to give away one of her oversized PLIE TENDU RELEVE scoop neck tees she designed for Sugar and Bruno (above) AND a signed copy of her book 'Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom' to one of my lucky readers! Her book is seriously one of my all-time favorite reads. I finished it in one sitting without even getting off the couch it was that good!

To enter:
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The winner will be chosen in a week! Good luck!

Much thanks to Keltie Colleen xoxo


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