Monday, July 5, 2010

Josie Maran Cosmetics Review

Two and a half years ago Josie Maran, supermodel extraordinaire (she was a spokesperson for Maybelline for 10 years!) designed her own organic beauty line containing pure and natural botanical, non-toxic ingredients. All of her products come in recyclable and biodegradable packaging which, because I'm earth-friendly, earns major bonus points from me. Also, you can recycle the front box cover which turns into a picture frame. Very cool. All of her products contain Argan Oil which is a natural healing ingredient found in the fruit of Argan Trees that you can use on your face as a moisturizer, on your body, your hair, even your baby if you have one. (I don't.) I had heard great things about this cosmetic line but could only find tiny samples here and there at Sephora in Canada and I don't like shopping internationally online so when I found this Argan Natually Sunkissed Bronzing Collection at Sephora when I was in Vegas a few weeks ago I snatched it up.

Here's my review of the products.

Argan Bronzing Oil

This oil is non-greasy and easy to rub in. It gave me a healthy glow however the second time I used it on my face I developed a rash and had to go to work with it! See pic below. (Isn't it pretty?) I'm not sure if this had to do with the bronzing oil, you'd think an all-natural, healing product wouldn't do this to my face, right? I had no moisturizer underneath, the first thing I put on my face that morning was this oil so I don't know what happened??? Do I blame my sensitive skin? Thankfully the rash went away a couple of hours later. I have yet to try it on my hair or any other part of my body.

Bronzing/Blush Duo Bronzer No.1 and Beach Passion

I love them both. Lightweight and easy to apply, the color lasts long. The bronzer I use for a nice bronze glow on my face as well as to highlight my cheekbones. I love the color of the blush, it's so nice for the summer. I will definitely be buying it again.

Mascara in Black

The mascara I found to be like any other mascara I've tried except it conditioned my lashes and didn't look at all clumpy. I'm still on the hunt for The Perfect Mascara though...

Natural Volume Lip Gloss in Brilliance

I love this rose color! It was a bit sticky, like Mac's Lipglass but overall not too bad. It doesn't have the nicest smell but I'm not eating it, I'm putting it on my lips so does that really matter? ; ) It had a bit of a plumping effect on my pout which I liked. Please excuse the peach fuzz.

Bear Naked Wipes (Travel Size)

The wipes are extremely soft and gentle on my face, infused with aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber and Vitamin E which moisturizes the skin. I found it great for taking off make-up. And how cool is this: 1 % of all proceeds go to the Natural Resource Defense Council's SOS Polar Bear Initiative which helps save polar bears and their habitats. Love it.

All in all, these products felt very nourishing on my skin and gave me a nice going-to-the beach sun-kissed glow but I ended up with a rash. So I give the Argan oil a 1/10 for now but the rest of the products a 7.5/10. I'm not giving up on the Argan Oil just yet though! I have heard amazing things about it so I'm hoping the rash was totally random and won't happen again. I'm kind of scared to find out though after my face turned into connect-the-dots : (.

I thought I'd conclude this post with some Fun Facts about Josie Maran because who doesn't love "Fun Facts"? : )

1. She is only 5'6". Too short  to walk the fashion runways she is mostly known for modeling for Sports Illustrated and numerous editorials and advertisements la Kate Moss.
2. Dated magician David Blaine.
3. Was the first contestant to get voted off of Season 5 of Dancing With the Stars.
4. Had a role in "Little Black Book" with Brittany Murphy and a small role in "The Aviator" opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.
5. Played a vampire in the Backstreet Boys video, "Backstreet's Back" 
6. Gave birth to her daughter in the backyard of her Los Angeles home. Not sure where. I hope there was padding!


Miss*Kimmy said...

Cool, thanks for doing this review!
It's too bad about that rash though!!
THe lipgloss looks nice, you have pretty lips!
I so remember Josie Maran in Backstreet's Back .. she was so gorgeous!

liloo said...

Thx Mary :)
You know what?
I was on FB 2mn ago and discovered this brand that I didn't know!
I was thinking: " ok lets do some research "looool and you came with it XD
Thx for sharing honey :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to try her stuff. That blush bronzer duo looks pretty and the lip gloss is also nice. Thanks for the review!

3ate4 said...

Love the lip colour!

bananas. said...

just when you think you have enough make-up, another model or celeb comes out with a new, more fabulous line.

thanks for the i'm tempted to buy because i want lips like that too!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Good review, love the lip colour. Can't believe a natural product had such a reaction on your skin.


J. said...

Great review Marie-
So to clarify you cannot get her stuff in Canada?
I would really like to try those travel wipes!
That lip color looked great on you!

Marie Z. said...

J. You can get some of her products in Canada. I found some travel sized versions of 1 or 2 of her products here at Sephora but I haven't been able to find anything else. You may want to check the next time you visit your local Sephora. Hopefully her products will be carried nation-wide soon!

Anonymous said...

thanks for giving such a useful information.

Anonymous said...

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