Sunday, October 2, 2011

Photo Diary: Last 2 Days of WCFW

Caroline and I

Here are some of my favorites from Day 7 & 8 of Western Canada Fashion Week:

Lovely LUXX by Derek Jagodzinsky. Read my interview with the designer here.

Not only did I adore the clothing but the model's hair, done by Ponytails + Horseshoes and the makeup, by Nickol Walkemeyer fit perfectly with Salgado's late '40's-inspired collection titled 'Not Fade Away.'

Suka by Alisha Schick. Fun, feminine and wearable.

Sofiss by Joanna Wala's sleek and modern dresses. I'd wear them all!

    Serendipity by Kelsey McIntyre. The dress on the right gave me shivers when I first saw it.

Stanley Carroll did not disappoint with his warm color palette, unique use of different textures and fabrics and a full collection that could have been reserved for a night on his own at WCFW.

Beverly Gan. Her S/S 2012 was one of my favorite collections (next to Malorie Urbanovitch), with her origami-inspired designs, clean lines and unique pleating. (I had to use WCFW's photo's because the models were walking so fast it was hard to catch a well-focused photo with my camera!)

Edmonton-raised Beverly Gan currently resides in London but we want her back in Canada!

 Janis and Harvey

 Model Hayley Tomich and photographer Sam Moukhaiber

Me and Andrew closing night.

Another exciting and successful season of Western Canada Fashion Week has come to a close. It was an extremely busy week but I loved every minute of it, especially getting to hang out with my crazy and fabulous blogger friends every day. But now my life can get back to normal and I can catch up on some sleep. And your blogs! : ) Actually Friday night I slept almost 13 hours!! I was utterly exhausted. But it was so worth it and I'm already anticipating next season when I can do this alllllll over again ; ).


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

In love with that first red dress!! You look great as usual. Such a fun week although I'm sure you are sad its over.

Carrie said...

wow, it'd be so amazing if i get to attend one of these in the future. i really want to pursue a career in the fashion business.

i'm loving the 1st Suka outfit. it's very me. I can definitely see myself wearing it. :D


Ocean Dreams said...

What fun events - thanks for the recap on all of the fabulous outfits! Would love to go someday.

I'm a new follower and love your fashionable blog!

Halima said...

The mustard dress really does it for me, gorgeous!

I'd love to attend one of these events, I was invited to Toni&guy's event at LFW but could not make it, gutted! xo

Catita said...

that bag is so nice Marie, very Balencaiga like!

Closet Fashionista said...

Loving your outfit, and awesome collections :)

Courtney Erin said...

There were certainly some amazing looking collections! I love the uber-structured nature of the Joanna Wala pieces - such great tailoring.

xoxo ~ Courtney

JennaStevie said...

Great shots!! I've been so neglecting putting mine up, not only was fashion week busy but so was school. But fashion week was muchmuch more fun

bananas. said...

i am loving the ankle boots and dress look...oh and the finger waved hair. too cute!

Anonymous said...

wow all the events looked amazing - I bet it was worth losing sleep over haha

Mademoiselle Lala said...

This looks great! I love the designs! X

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

this looks too fun! i love the pants you have on paired with the black boots!

<3 steffy

this free bird said...

That look on the right from Suka by Alisha Schick = yes.please!!

And the shivery dress is divine. Totally caught my eye too!!


Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

great photos, it looks like such a fun fashion week! x E

Mary and Dyer said...

omg so first of all you are so, so pretty!! I love your bangs - they look awesome on you! second of all these pictures are awesome! Looks like a great time, xox..

I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to visit my blog & follow back if you'd like! :)
Also, check out my giveaway for a Missoni for Target hat!!

Ashleigh said...

OMG sooo fun! Is there anything more thrilling than a live fashion show? I think not. You look adorable!

my republic of fashion said...

Great pictures!! That white dress on the right is just BEAUTIFUL!!! :)SarahD

creativefashionglee said...

Gorgeous ladies and fabulous outfits. I love the smiles too. :)

J. said...

So fun! Love the dresses in a variety of the collections-especially the one that gave you shivers! Great Interview Marie!!!
Thanks for the down low on WCFW, you did a great job covering it!
:) J.

Cecylia said...

aww looks like you had an amazing time! Well done! Love the blue dresses on the runway
Come follow my blog darling :)

Kristin said...

Looks like an amazing time! LOVE seeing all that cobalt!

Pop Champagne said...

awesome pictures, ya it's so much fun to look at other canadian fashion weeks! I can't believe it's almost winter though, it made me sad looking at all the white and nude colored dresses knowing the worst for the cold is yet to come!

Anonymous said...

The hair and makeup in those photos is immaculate! Very thing looks so gorgeous! Lovely photos :)


Sandy Joe said...

I really enjoyed your interview with Derek and all your photographs from the runway turned out so well! Mine were mostly a blur, perhaps I should stop refusing to use a flash?


Tracy D said...

Makes me proud of Western Canadian talent..such amazing collections!

Matina said...

awesome pictures! you look great. love those black booties you're wearing in the last picture as well. love your blog! x

Daily Cup of Couture said...

fabulous photos! love this!


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