Sunday, March 27, 2011

Western Canada Fashion Week Day 3 Photo Diary

The best-dressed guy at fashion week, Andrew and I. Photo stolen from his blog. (Thanks Andrew!)

 Blogerrrrrrs! Image courtesy of DJ Photography

Mad about bows!

Janis and Vickie chatting about fashion. (What else???)

Singer Esma who opened the show with her soulful rendition of Alicia Keys' "How Come You Don't Call Me." 
The girl has PIPES!!

Celebrity Showcase: Meteorologists Duane English struts his stuff on the catwalk and cutie pie Josh Classen shows off his funky, colorful socks and shoes. Clothing provided by HighGrade clothing

124th St. Retail Showcase

Just Me Jenna Marie's cute handbags and purses

Cherie Howard's dark and edgy creations

 Image courtesy of DJ Photography

 To view pics from Day 1 & Day 2 of WCFW click here.

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Adventures in Fashion said...

LOVE this post-- great coverage darling! That pic of you and Andrew is the cutest!


Andrew Eirich said...

Great coverage Marie! Look out for me on the runway tonight! :)

Marie a la Mode said...

Andrew: Oh don't you worry, I will be sitting in the front row watching you rock the runway!

Tracy D said...

You just look so chic & fashionable Marie! Weeerrkkk :)

kaizokumousy said...

I <3 it!

Diana said...

I'm your new follower! Lovely blog!


Heather said...

the floaty pink top looks killer on you :)

Anna Jane said...

looks so fun and the pictures are great! Wish Chicago had something similar :)

J. said...

Love all the pics. Amazing clothing and shows by the looks of it!
You looked just adorable!
Looking forward to hearing more ;)

Catita said...

so cool you get to do this coverage! seems like you had fun!

Pop Champagne said...

oh how lovely! You look great and love those bags. I love how the runway is elevated so even people in the back row can see it, that's something that they completely lacked at Ottawa fashion week. tsk tsk tsk.

My Republic of Fashion said...

These pictures are fantastic!! Obsessed with bows, also. Love your hair up like that. :)SarahD

Anonymous said...

I love how you wear your hair in the bun- it's so pretty!! the picture of the bow rings & nailpolish is also the greatest!
janelle xo

Kim's Vanity said...

Oh wow, what fun pics! You all look fabulous .. I love your outfit and hair!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I stumbled across your blog and I know Jenna who makes the handbags of Jenna Marie... how random eh?!

Mimi said...

you look really pretty, marie! i especially love the last photo! :D

<3, Mimi

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