Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This Stuff Really Works

I admit it. I bite my nails. It's a bad bad habit, I know. In the past, to prevent me from destroying my nails I would run over to the nail salon for fakes, hoping that this would solve my problem. It worked but it got so damn expensive that I had to come up with a different solution. That's when I met OPI's Nail Envy and my own Willpower (yes, capitalized). This natural nail strengthener has turned my soft, brittle nails into harder, stronger and longer nails. This polish contains wheat protein and calcium which helps prevent breaking, splitting and peeling. Now that my nails no longer look like a war zone I am less likely to chew them. This polish is expensive at approximately $28.00 a pop but it's so worth it. I purchased mine at the nail salon but I believe you can get this at Trade Secrets and/or any other beauty supply store. It comes complete with directions and you only have to apply it every other day. For more information click here.


Courtney Erin said...

I'm a nail biter too - I'll have to check this out. Thanks for the review!

Courtney ~

Beth said...

This looks like a good idea. I got a cheap Sally Hansen nail builder, but it stopped working after a while. OPI always has quality stuff!

Carlijn said...

nice blog :)

liloo said...

Yes this look pretty good! Do you know the brand Mavala? A very good brand for the nail care ;)
Thx for sharing :)

J. said...

Good to nails always break and peel....I am going to give this product a try.
Thanks Marie!

Miszelka said...

Nice blog. I especially like your "cat in the hat" post ;)

My blog

Miss*Kimmy said...

I love this stuff too. I bought some the other week and have been using it and am definitely seeing results. It's a big pricier, but totally worth it!

Devon said...

I could use something like that! haha x

Heather said...

wow $28 im glad its worth it! you should do a before and after!

Kayla said...

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