Friday, May 21, 2010

Buns & Braids

Do buns or braids ever go out of style? They're certainly hot for Spring/Summer, especially when the temperature starts to rise and all you want to do is Get. Your. Hair.outofyourface. When I was a dancer I almost always had to wear my hair in either a bun with a hair net with 15 or so bobby pins poking into my scalp (ouch, Mom!) or french braids that I learned how to do on my own (to eliminate the ouch factor caused by said mom) when I was 8. I continue to put my hair up in a bun (sans bobby pins) on lazy days. Not an elegant updo but more like a messy, takes-me-three-seconds-to-do-up-do but I haven't expanded my braid repertoire beyond one or two plain-Jane french braids and/or a side braid. Here is my collection of photos that have me inspired to try something new. Are you inspired, too?

I love the thickness of her braid

Classic. Elegant.

Bad hair day be gone!

Milkmaid braids

Alexandra Richards rocks the pigtails

Just enough twist

Sabo Skirt

Lovely Rachel McAdams

At Alexander Wang

And of course Miss SJP.

Carrie loves her buns. Just being cheeky ; ) Love her shoes in the last pic! Who is counting down the days until SATC 2 comes out? Can't wait!

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liloo said...

Thx for sharing ;)
Love the second pic :)

Meg said...

la la lovvve these hair styles! They are all gorgeous, especially the big thick braid! I WISH I had thick beautiful hair! :(


J. said...

I love braids and buns, especially when they are well done like in your pics. I love putting my hair up, especially in the summer when it gets to hot to have my hair down. Thanks Marie for inspiring me to get creative with my up do's!
:) J.

PS Yes I am counting down the days and hours till SATC2!!!!

Charleston said...

an edged up cinderella comes to mind, its funky and chanel chic at the same time! x

Miss*Kimmy said...

I LOVE braids and buns. They're so casual yet chic. I love the second pic of that beautiful blonde braid. good post xx

Lucy said...

Wow!! Great tips!! I love playing with hairstyles.

StyleFrost said...

I love the hairstyles, I haven't got the patience to try them on myself!
I can't wait for SATC2!! x

Tara said...

i love these hairstyles. now i just wish i could get my hair to look like any of these!

NaomiDee said...

great post! i love all these looks especially the milkmaid braids and alexandra richards cute but also edgy pigtails! :)

Heather said...

ug, I always hated those big buns that Carrie did! I'm more of a messy bun girl too ;) I just love those braids that go all around the head too, but wouldn't know where to start!

Emilie said...

Love love love love it!!!!

Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

ahhhh i LOVE braids - 1 of my very 1st posts was dedicated to braids! - i just wish i had thicker, longer hair, b/c i can't pull off braids very well ..

i'm a new follower!
~Tiptoe Butterfly~
(( LOVE for u to stop by and become a follower too! ))

Copious Couture said...

Love this post... very inspirational hair dos!!!! Thanks very much for you lovely comment today... you have a great blog, I can't wait to explore it!


Caroline said...

FABULOUS! I WANT LONG HAIR. Gawwwd, it takes a long time to grow out.


Nausica said...

You make me wonder... why did I cut my hair anyway?:))

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