Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What I'm Loving Lately

Here are a few things I've been enjoying the past couple of weeks ; )

I've been having to rest a lot lately so I've been reading every day. I just finished this entertaining and informative book by Mr. Fashion himself, Joe Zee. You may remember him from MTV's 'The City!' He was also the Creative Director of Elle magazine for quite some time. You can check out my other reading recommendations here.

Grey chevron patterns mixed with yellow accents. This is the theme of our nursery actually. It was going to be "zoo animals" but then I changed my mind last week, since the walls of the nursery are already yellow (not bright yellow, more of a creamy yellow) and I found some photos with this color palette on Pinterest that inspired me. Plus I think this choice is more modern than "zoo animals" lol. I've finally started shopping for decorations and can't wait until we get baby's furniture set up once it arrives!

This Arugula Quinoa Salad Recipe from my girl Eleni's blog (so good!) I've already made it three times. I didn't even know these little quinoa and kale bites existed! They've kind of changed my life. You can get them at Superstore or any other grocery store that sells Yves products.

MAKE UP FOREVER's new Ultra HD Concealer. I received a sample of this and I REALLY like it. It's very creamy, easy to apply with the foam roller, brightens up my under-eye circles which I've struggled with my whole adult life AND looks great in photos. Plus this formula doesn't sink into my fine lines. Major bonus!



J. said...

Love what you are loving ;)

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