Wednesday, January 27, 2016

EIA's Great Jetaway Contest!

It's January. We're all paying off our credit cards from Christmas, it's cold outside, there's snow on the ground and you're probably thinking, "I could use a tropical vacation right about now!" Or maybe your parents, sister or best friend would love to get away and have never been anywhere outside of chilly Canada? Well lucky for everyone, I've teamed up with Edmonton International Airport to bring you a contest that could send one of your loved ones on an ultimate vacation (valued at $10,000.00!) to wherever their heart desires -  New York, or London or even balmy Bora Bora which sounds SO nice right about now! It's easy to enter:

1. All you have to do is create a 15-second video OR post a photo announcing who you think deserves a trip of their lifetime, where their dream will take them and why.

2. Tag three friends in your social network to nominate someone special in their lives.

3. Post your 15-second video challenge or photo on Twitter or Instagram with #EIAGreatJetaway

You can see all the submissions on

Check out my entry below. (I apologize for the EXTREME close up!) I nominated my beautiful, kind and caring friend and coworker Tracy who recently married the love of her life this past summer. Her husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer a little over a year ago and was given 6 months to live but he has defied the odds and is doing much better than he was when he was first diagnosed. Unfortunately due to chemotherapy treatments and not being able to work, Tracy and her husband were unable to take an official honeymoon. I asked her where she would want to go if she could pick anywhere in the world, if money wasn't an issue and without hesitation she said, "Niagara Falls! It would be so romantic and neither of us have been there!" Now that her husband is feeling much better and the cancer treatments are working, they're ready to travel and experience a honeymoon every newly married couple deserves! And Tracy and her husband deserve this, without a doubt!

A video posted by Marie (@mariealamode) on

I tag Janis Galloway @dressmedearly Caroline Gault @carolinegault and Alanna Priestner @alannapriestner to nominate someone special in their lives, someone who they think could use a dream vacation.

Good luck everyone!

*This was a sponsored post however all opinions are my own.


J. said...

How great is this?!?! Love your nomination Marie. I hope you/she wins!!!
:) J.

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