Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blend & Boost Personalized Skincare

A couple of months ago I was asked to attend an info session at Dr. Neeraj Bector’s aesthetic clinic in
West Edmonton Mall about a new, customized skincare line called Blend & Boost by Medisca. You all know how much I love talking about skincare and how important it is to me, especially now that I’m in my thirties so of course I had to attend! 
A little info about Blend & Boost: “It is comprised of 5 bases and 13 boosters, each with proprietary properties, that can be mixed and matched by a pharmacist to create a tailor made cosmetic cream. The boosters target everything from anti-aging, to moisturization, to sensitive skin and oily skin.”

The line is exclusively available to physicians only. How it works is you visit a dermatologist (in my case, it was Dr. Bector) and he or she will use this really cool machine called the VISIA, which gives you an in-depth skin analysis. See my results above. I was very happy to find out that I have 99% less wrinkles than other people my age but that 81% of people had less UV spots than I did and I wear sunscreen on my face every day! That was a huge wake up call, maybe I need to use SPF 80 on my face instead of the 15 or 30 I usually wear. It also could be because I have melasma under my eyes. Anyways, based on these results and my skincare concerns, Dr. Bector and the team at Medisca created a customized cream for me: A rich anti-aging cream base, a peptide booster to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and a Vitamin C derivative that boosts skin tone evenness and brightness. It was shipped to my door in less than 72 hours!

I’ve been using my customized Blend & Boost cream for a month now (under my sunscreen, since it doesn’t have any SPF in it) and I can honestly say my skin looks brighter and feels tighter. The formula is highly moisturizing and blends seamlessly into my skin. It doesn’t smell the best (it’s fragrance-free) but I don’t care. It’s the results I care about and I am happy with them.

A bottle of Blend & Boost costs $150.00 and that will last you approximately 3 months. The appointment and VISIA analysis is free of charge. And BONUS: You can go back to the clinic and have the VISIA done again to see how B & B has affected your skin and depending upon the results and any other skin concerns that may have popped up, the formula can be changed, concentration can be increased, etc.

And now the good news: By the end of 2015 Blend & Boost will be available in every major city in Canada! To learn more about this innovative line you can click here. And to book an appointment in Edmonton with Dr. Bector you can call the WestEd Medical & Esthetic Clinic: 780-444-1935.

*This was a sponsored post however the views and opinions are my own.


Dana Giesbrecht said...

Great product! And you have such beautiful skin as well. :)

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