Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New.....Things

coat - Banana Republic, blouse - Old Navy, scarf, hat and rings - H & M, jeans - Joe's from Bamboo Ballroom
shoes - Spring, bag - Co-lab by Christopher Kon from Winners 

photography: Harvey Miedreich

Happy New Year! I really can't believe it's January already, let alone 2012. It's true that time flies when you get older. When I was a kid time seemed to pass sooooo slowly, especially while in school and now years come and go just like that and it feels like I was 21 just yesterday! (Too bad I don't look twenty one.) Makes me really want to enjoy every single moment. Time is so precious. 

This is what I wore to go shopping yesterday. I know in my last post I said I went shopping 3 days in a row over the Christmas break but I had more gift cards to spend so I went again this week, first to West Edmonton Mall and then to Southgate. Two malls in one day. Have you ever gone to two malls in one day? Do I have a shopping problem that requires in-patient treatment? I couldn't help it, there are so many great sales going on right now! Going forward though, I solemnly swear I will not shop for myself for at least a month. You heard it here first. Here are a couple of items I picked up:

 Yup! A $5.00 purse from H & M! See? Good sales.

 Dolce Vita shoes I purchased fromThe Bay for $62.00. Regularly $140 I believe.

I asked D. what he thought of these when I put them on and pranced around in our living room. He said, "They're interesting." I guess you either love 'em or hate 'em and I LOVE THEM!!

Well it's back to work and back to the daily grind for me.  You too? I hope you are having a great start to 2012!


Catita said...

Great new layout! I am in love, I am also looking into doing something about my blog but not sure what, love your minimalistic blog banner!
And great bargains!

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous,
Lovely look!
That blouse is fantastic!

Happy New Year :)


Courtney Erin said...

You look gorgeous in these photos - and I am literally squealing with delight over those shoes you snagged - wow!

Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

Elisa said...

love your outfit!


Makeup Majesty said...

I love your hat, and the cute little H&M red bag! such a bargain xo

Diana said...

you are totally right about "the time". I feel the same...it's like I can't imagine where the days are going...and it's Christmas again, and then Easter...and so on.
I plan on enjoying every single moment...!!!
I love your Dolce Vita shoes. so classy and chic!

Kassandra said...

nice new layout! And I knew these pictures were by Harvey when I saw them! hahaha. Love that blouse my dear!
<3 Kastles

Gail and Rhoda said...

Beautiful coat and awesome boots! Great outfit. You are vey pretty with gorgeous eyes. ~ Rhoda

JennaStevie said...

These photos are SO gorgeous, you look lovely. Red, black and white are such a wonderful combination on you!
And I looove your new shoes

this free bird said...

A. love your outfit
B. that little bag was such a steal!
C. SHOES! What a major deal!!

Closet Fashionista said...

I LOOOOVE your coat! And those wedges you bought are awesome!!! :)

Ashley said...

Whoa! Nice pictures! They're so big and bright and clear. I'm in awe. I'm also in awe of how stylish and lovely you manage to look in the middle of winter. I'm sooooo busting out my black jeans and booties tomorrow.

bananas. said...

i love the pictures of you...so perdy and SO profesh!!!

kudos to your photographer! and kudos to shoes on sale! yay!!!


Alexandra said...

Absolutely loving that purse, so jealous! I saw it forever ago but am pretty sure it's been wiped out in Van-based stores. And those pics of you are stunning, you look gorgeous! Hope 2012 is treating you well so far love!

Alexandra xo


Tracy D said...

I love that jacket, looks amazing on you and the new boots are gorgeous!

Adventures in Fashion said...

You look lovely, my sweet! Happy new year! And cha-ching on your purchases, especially the bag! xx

Bri said...

Well I love your wedge booties! Also, cute little bag! Natasha and I have actually gone to 3 malls in a day, I would not recommend this for beginners it was exhausting!

April said...

I love your hair, and that clutch, and those shoes! Good finds!

Anonymous said...

You actually look better than a 21yr old! This outfit shouts chic and sophisticated, really love the bold red colour of the jacket and if only I could get away with wearing hats :( D sounds like a typical bloke (well mine at least lol). Happy New Year :) x

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

I agree totally with you. I was having the exact conversation with JP on NYE about how time seems to be going by faster and faster each year I get older and that when I was little and in school time went by sooo slowly! :)

Happy New Year!
xo Ashley

Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfit! Loved the red coat + leopard shirt + cool black boots!

Cool blog and OMG how old are you ? If your not 21 you look great!

And Happy New Year from Japan!


The doll on fashion said...

Happy New Year.

Wow you've done some serious shopping by the sounds of it. Love the boots your've bought and the ones you are wearing.

Have a fantastic 2012 x

The doll on fashion

Pop Champagne said...

lovely new layout and $5 for the H&M clutch is awesome! haha I went to H&M as the first thing I did when I went to Vancouver... there's no H&M in ottawa :S

AaReAn said...

oooh LOOOOVE the coat...the red is so festive and great to spruce up any outfit!! So fantastic!


p.s. come check out my custom blog design giveaway! I think you might like it! :-)

Anna @ SMS_Style said...

Haha men never understand shoes unless they are plain and simple! Lovely blog by the way, you have a new follower xxx


briannelee said...

I love your leopard print blouse and your boots. Great outfit!!!!

Kim's Vanity said...

Love these photos, Marie! You look like a model yourself.

J. said...

Love the layout and LOVE LOVE the photos! Wow-amazing-beautiful and stunning model and amazing photographer.
:) J.

Ashleigh said...

Happy New Year Marie!
I'm loving you boots & bag. Plus the booties and new $5 steal of a bag.
Can't say I've done 2 malls in one day other than on black Friday but I wouldn't worry ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Marie! you are looking gorgeous for the new year .. love your black boots and our red jacket!! they are definitely wardrobe staples!

Mimi said...

you look very pretty, marie! :)

p.s. that h&m purse = amazing bargain!

<3, Mimi

Taylor Morgan said...

Love you red coat! It's adorable! :)

Life's a shoe said...

that red H&M purse is awesome

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