Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fashion Week Begins

maxi dress - H & M, jacket - Buffalo, boots - Spring, bag- Urban Outfitters, ring - H & M, necklace - F21

Western Canada Fashion Week started on Thursday and here are some of the highlights from the past two days:

The adorable Janis from Dress Me Dearly in a charming little outfit from Divine Decadence

photo via

One to watch: Arlee Stewart, an up-and-coming designer and recent grad of Marvel College who designed this gorgeous tweed dress.

D.J.'s extraordinaire from Girls Club spinning beats backstage

 Whyte Avenue Showcase

My faves from Mars and Venus and  Oak + Fort

 A beautiful, vibrant fall dress from one of my fabulous sponsors, Bamboo Ballroom : )

Lance Chung and Brittanee Tomkow, last season's Emerging Stylist Contest winners showed off their sophisticated creations. They could only use pieces they found at Goodwill, a thrift store. Every thing you see styled is second-hand.

Cutie patooties Lance and Brittanee. They did a remarkable job!

Last season's Emerging Designer Competition winner Andrea De Ocampo presented the audience with her very first collection. I was impressed with her clothing, to say the least! This was my favorite design of hers. I'm a sucker for faux fur and clean lines.

Oh, and did I mention Andrea is only SEVENTEEN?? Not bad for a high schooler! When I was 17 I sewed through my finger in Home Economics class and had to go to the medi-clinic to get a tetanus shot! Her fashion designing future certainly seems brighter than mine did at her age! FYI: That was the same year I sewed seams vertically through the middle of a shirt, front and back instead of the sides.

One of my favorite parts of Fashion Week? Getting to hang out with these peeps for 8 days! Bloggers! L-R Kassandra, Andrew, Andrea, Vickie, Jenna, Mark + Mathew, Janis and me!

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!


Closet Fashionista said...

WAHOO fashion week! I love your outfit ;)

Mademoiselle Lala said...

YEY! I was waiting for your coverage post! :) The show seems great! I saw similar styles at LFW - especially the tweed dress. :) You look stylish as always! X

SiSi Sparkles said...

ohhh who took that picture of you? it looks great!! have some fashionable fun :D

Kim's Vanity said...

You look amazing in that tweed jacket, Marie! This looks like so much fun=) Good for you.

Tracy D said...

Looks like a great the first photos of you!

Marie a la Mode said...

Sissi: Thank u! My friend Jenna took it and then I photo-shopped it.

I V Y said...

whyte avenue is great!

xo zebra and meerkat

Nnenna said...

I loved looking at your pictures from Fashion Week! It's so great to be able to read posts about fashion week all over the world! =)

star-crossed smile

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Looks like you and the other Edmonton bloggers are having an amazing time at fashion week!!!

xo Ashley

JennaStevie said...

I love the way the pictures of you turned out!! Yay!
Your photos turned out wonderful.

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love your grey blazer!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Anonymous said...

you look so chic with the tweed jacket!

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