Thursday, August 22, 2013

What's In My Bag

So I've always enjoyed other bloggers' "What's In My Bag?" posts, call me nose-y but there's just something about wanting to know what other women put in their purse! Make-up? Glitter? Tampons? Sushi? I've never done a WIMB post and I've been blogging for over three years so I thought, "Why the heck not?" Except what's in my bag (a Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha) might be boring compared to others...but here goes!

At the end of every year, I go to Chapters and purchase the same moleskin day timer in the same color (pink). Of course the year on the front is always different.  I don't use my phone to type notes in or jot down appointments, I like writing things down on paper and I also use highlighters to remind me of special occasions and of course, a pen. I always carry a Tide To Go pen, too, since I'm a clutzy eater and drop or spill things on my clothes frequently. I always wear Burt's Bee's Lip Balm and I always have my business cards with me, you never know who you're going to run into at the dentist.

You may think this is weird but it's not, I assure you, because a really good friend of mine does this too - I put all of my cards - my credit card, debit card, my license, health care card, etc. every card and money into an American Apparel zipper pouch. I just stuff everything in there, there are no sections to organize anything in this little pouch but it works for me! All of the cards I use frequently are either at the front or the back for easy access. The shades are my Jessica Simpson sunglasses that I got in Vegas a couple of years ago. I also have Maybelline Dream Mousse blush and NYX Lip Gloss on hand, as well as my keys and my iPhone. I don't have a cute iPhone case because a few months ago I dropped my cell into a pool while on vacation and damaged it so as soon as I got a new phone, I immediately bought a protective water-proof cover. It's grey. And super boring.

Missing in these photos: A Larabar to snack on (I had already eaten one that day), Kleenex (who wants to see Kleenex in this post?) and hand lotion which I forgot to include. Hand lotion is pretty much a given because I live in such a dry climate.

What's in your bag? Let me know in the comment section below! 



Closet Fashionista said...

My bag is pretty boring, haha.. DKNY wallet, umbrella, Chapstick, sunglasses & my phone...usually some lotion too

Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe said...

I buy that same moleskin every year too! I still keep track of my calendar on paper - it just makes me feel more organized! Love that Burt's Bees lip balm too.
I have WAY too much stuff in my oversized Matt & Nat bag - similar items as you, but also a little contact kit (a case and a wee bottle of solution), a pair of glasses, Advil, and about 6 lip glosses. I have been contemplating buying a much smaller bag so that I can't fit as much stuff in it!

Courtney Erin said...

I keep thinking I should do one of these posts as well. I love reading other people's. But then the world will know that at all times I am carrying nothing in my purse except for glitter and sushi. Nothing. Well that and a day timer - like you I like to write down all my notes and appointments.

Courtney ~

JennaStevie said...

I love having a day timer, I always have mine and a smaller moleskin for to do lists/ideas etc. And I think it's such a good idea to have all your cards in that little aa bag, i hate big bulky wallets!

Annick said...

Love to see what's in other people's bags! I switch from a small Rebecca Minkoff MAC mini to a Rebecca Minkoff Morning after bag all the time so my bag is either over stuffed, or has nothing in it! Loving the AA pouch!

Bold Subtlety

LoveT. said...

Love the American Apparel zipper Pouch <3 .great Post!
follow new ,mind follow back?

kisses :)


I loved this post! I love your bag! ;) And the pouch is a beautiful color!

Ashley said...

I am such a voyeur. I LOVE these kinds of posts. A tide-to-go stick is SUCH a good idea and I'm now wondering why there's not one in my bag!

xo Ashley

India said...

Nice bag!

Melanie said...

I love that you have so much color going on in your purse! Love this post :)


J. said...

Fun post. Thanks for the peek in your bag. Which by the way....I love your bag!!!
:) J.

Catita said...

It is funny since I do the same!!! And I even have a wonderful Burberry wallet with card compartments but since I travel so much, that BIG wallet just never makes it into my small travel bags and in default of changing back and forth I've decided to stick to my 3.1 Philip Lim (it came with the purse I bought so that is a plus!) pouch for my cards, change and money...Makes it hard finding something but its all there!

Hélène Heath said...

I totally love these types of posts too! Must be the voyeur in all of us... it's always fun to learn what other people's habits are, i think. Exhibit A: fun fact to learn that your wallet is not a wallet! Love your Moleskin addiction - their notebooks are the best. I hate to jot stuff down in my iphone notes too, but sometimes i have no choice, which bums me out. There's something so romantic and accomplishing about writing stuff down with a pen and paper!

ps totally laughed out loud when you said you expected me to have a french canadian accent but that i didn't. It never occurred to me that people would think that, but it would totally be the obvious thing! I always find it fun to see people live or talking after seeing them only in photographs for years!

Hannah said...

Tide to go! So smart. I need to carry one around in my bag too. I'm such a mess.
Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

friends with distance said...

Your bag is so perfect! Loving all the contents.


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