Monday, November 21, 2011

This Is What

Bloggers Janis, me and Caroline

Last Thursday night I braved the little blizzard we were having and drove my car white-knuckled all the way to 29 Armstrong on 104th St. downtown to take in an art show (titled 'This is What') and sale featuring paintings from Erin Elizabeth Ross and photographs by Aaron Pederson.

The Man himself, Aaron Pederson, standing in front of his black and whites

 Talented painter Erin Elizabeth Ross
 photo credit: caroline gault

Books for purchase at 29 Armstrong

How cool would this look on a wall at home?

Love these piggy banks! Wanted to take one home with me.

"Hmmm..which painting is my favorite?" Can I choose all of them? ; )

 Janis and Caroline standing in front of my favorite painting (I narrowed it down.)

The stylish crowd. (That's photographer Sam Moukhaiber giving the peace sign.)

The cutest older couple I ever did see! They were delighted I wanted to take their picture : ).

I hope you all had a great weekend! It was around -34 degrees C with the windchill Saturday and Sunday. BLOODY COLD!! So I tried my best to stay warm and keep my fingers from falling off when I had to make my way outside. Mission accomplished, I was able to type up this post! 


J. said...

Great post. Love the art you feature. Great pic of you thinking-you look so cute and I love the last pic of the elderly couple! Looked like fun!
:) J

JennaStevie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! The paintings are very gorgeous, love the colours in the one you liked best. Good for you braving that storm, I had to drive downtown for a doctors appointment and was soo scared.

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Lovely pics and paintings!


Pop Champagne said...

art shows are fun, haha you look great! sometimes when I go I'm tempted to buy a painting until I relized that it's like $2000 lol

Kim's Vanity said...

Aww! I want that bright blue piggy bank!
I love gallery nights like this. So fun to sip some wine and take in the art. That older couple is so cute.

two birds said...

such great pieces! how do you not go home with them all?? those piggy banks are adorable!

adrienne said...

You look s stylish, as always.
Those piggy banks are so cool. I like the green one.

I can't imagine how -34 C would must be paralyzing! Stay warm!

love jenny xoxo said...

looks like fun, I'm glad you still made it out with that crazy weather!


Ashley said...

Glad you made it in that blizzard! You go to so many cool events. I wish there was more to do over here!

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh so much fun!! And that little old couple is so adorable!! :D

call me lo said...

what a fun night!? i love being surrounded by pretty things!!
the prince is giving a ball...

bananas. said...

how fun! i want those piggy banks in every color!!!

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous in these photos. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

This looks like such a fun evening out. You girls are gorgeous. I love the cute little piggy banks too and am also adoring the cute elderly couple! There is something so touching about seeing a cute elderly couple that are still in love. xo

Sorren said...

This sounds like such a fantastic weekend and such a fantastic event. I definitely need to get in the groove of heading out again my days in November have been really busy!

Sandy Joe said...

This looks like it was a swell time, you are such brave gals the inner wuss in me has kept me indoors and hiding. Those Self Service magazines came out AGES ago. I was still in London. It's amazing how far behind we are.

x The Pretty Secrets

Alexandra said...

Omg that IS the cutest old couple ever! So adorable. I have to do a drive up to Whis this Saturday and not gonna lie, I'm pretty petrified. I'm a white-knuckle driver even in heavy rain so we'll see how it goes haha. Glad you ladies were able to make it out though because this looks like an amazing evening! You all look lovely as ever :)

Alexandra xo

my republic of fashion said...

Those black and white pics are gorgeous!! You and your friends look very glam! :)SarahD

Tracy D said...

What talented artists and I'm sure they appreciated your effort in coming was freezing!!

this free bird said...

okay my mother tried to tell me it's been 5 degrees!! Marie I can now catch her in a lie like no other. I was all 'yeah right mom! i have a friend in edmonton who told me it's freezing as hell and you're outside the city meaning it's COLDER.' this was met with a bout of 'the silence', a small scuffle and a change in subject. carrie ftw!

ps-come on down. i'll clean out the spare bedroom. woot!

Mimi said...

it looks like such a fun event, totally worth braving the blizzard it seems. :)

p.s. i want one of those piggy banks! ;)

<3, Mimi
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Anonymous said...

you look winter chic there! can't believed you braved a blizzard :O

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