Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Giveaway! And a Review: London Look Beauty Tools

I was recently introduced to a new line called 'London Look' being carried exclusively at London Drugs, a Canadian drugstore that I frequent often. London Look is an innovative line of beauty tools for your eyes, hands and feet, grooming and makeup application. The LD marketing team sent me two gift bags - one for me to sample their tools and one for one of my lucky readers! But first, here is my review of all of the tools, from left to right, below. (And yes, I tried them all!)

Large Callus Smoother $6.99 - It has two sides: one side has large grit for removing skin and the other has fine grit for smoothing. It worked well with the foot scrub I used although I was giggling the whole time because it tickled. (You should see me at the nail salon, I can hardly sit still when they smooth and exfoliate my feet, I slither like a fish.) The handle provides a comfortable grip as well so it's super-easy to use, even if you get it wet.

Powder Brush $22.00 - Made with natural fibers, this extremely soft brush was designed for the application of loose, mineral or bronzing powders. I used it with my MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation and it left a flawless finish. It worked just as well as my Sigma F30 Powder Brush although the Sigma brush is much more dense than this one.

Large Fluff Eyeshadow Brush $5.99 - I love this! Also made with natural fibers, this tool is perfect for applying color all over the eyelid, even in the creases and/or highlighting the brow bone. I used it in the picture below before contouring:

And it's only $5.99! Lot's of bang for your buck.

Pointed Eye Liner Brush $9.00 - I paired this with my Maybelline black gel eyeliner in the above photo as well. The gel liner actually comes with a little 'pen' to apply it but I prefer to use the London Look brush which gives me a more precise, smooth lining. You can see how well it worked in the above photo. It's a bit expensive at $9.00 though, which is more than the eye shadow brush. That being said, I was impressed with the results after using it.

Glass Nail File $8.00 - It got the job done but it has a very wide filing surface which I don't like. I like my nail files thin (but strong), so that I can get under the nail if I want to. But that's just my personal preference. This file still worked well. And if you prefer using thicker files like emery boards, you will like using this.

Brow Groomer/Scissors $10.00 - This groomer functions as both a brow trimmer and cutting scissors. There's an attachable comb to brush brow hair upward and trim with the scissor edge. Okay, I lied. In the first paragraph of this post I told you I tried everything but I haven't tried this one yet. To be honest with you I'm a bit scared to. I'm afraid I will chop off all my eyebrows by mistake! Once I gather enough courage to use this puppy I promise I will review it at a later date. Or maybe I'll use it on D. instead of me ; ). If he'll let me...

Soft Touch Pink Tweezers $11.00 - I love that these are pink ; ). You can use the tweezer point to extract smaller hairs and the slanted slide for general tweezing and shaping. At first I found this difficult to grab on to and extract my eyebrow hairs but when I adjusted my grip it was smooth sailing and I was able to pluck out all the unwanted hairs.

Full Lash Curler $16.00 - Works as well as all of the other drugstore eye lash curlers I've tried in the past and comes with an extra pressure pad. $16.00 is a little too expensive for an eyelash curler though, in my opinion.

Partial Lash Curler $3.99 - I have to admit I had never seen one of these before! With this beauty tool you can curl small sections of lashes for an eye brightening curl. I used it on the outer lashes in the photo below, after curling all of them with the Full Lash Curler:

You can see how nice it worked on the outer lashes of my eye on (your) left. I highly recommend purchasing one of these! It really opens up the eyes.

Large Nail Clippers $10.00 - This is crafted with a wave-shaped lever and has a little nail file underneath it. Very easy to use. A tool that will last for years.

Pink Precision Makeup Sponge $9.99 - This egg-shaped sponge is great for applying liquid or cream foundation in hard-to-reach areas of the face, like in the crevices around the nose, under the eyes, around the upper and bottom lip and into the hairline, using the pointed end. With the rounded end you can blend foundation over large areas of the face. Blends extremely well. It's fun to use, too!

Combo Foundation Sponge $4.99 - Also used to apply liquid or cream foundation to the face, this is a double-sided sponge: the light side you can use for a sheer application and the dark side creates more of a full-coverage effect. It blended my foundation fine but I prefer to use the Precision Makeup Sponge, which gets into those hard-to-reach places a little better.

All in all, I enjoyed using all of these beauty tools but what really stood out for me were the makeup brushes and the pink egged-shaped sponge, I will definitely be re-purchasing them in the future.

And that's my review. Now for the fun part: a giveaway for my readers! For a chance to win all of these beauty tools (a $118.00 value!) here's how to enter:

You must be a follower of Marie a la Mode via Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'. Leave a comment in the comment section below saying you would like to be entered into the contest and how to get a hold of you if you win (1 entry)

***For extra entries:
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- Tweet about this giveaway (1 extra entry) My Twitter name is @marielamode

This contest is open to anyone who lives on Planet Earth, meaning it's open to everyone! I will choose the winner randomly2 weeks from today. Good luck!

Also, make sure to enter my Krystle Dos Santos Album Giveaway here!


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