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Life On and After 'The Bachelor' : An interview With Shawntel Newton from Brad's Season

Fans of the reality show ‘The Bachelor’ will remember Shawntel Newton as the gorgeous, down-to-earth, and fun-loving mortician who fell in love with Brad Womack last season. Unfortunately for viewers, this fan favorite was sent home after her hometown date with Brad which included a tour of her family’s funeral parlor. In the end he proposed to the Barbie-esque Emily Maynard. But it’s all good because Shawntel was too good for Brad any way! They all were. Below, the 25 year-old Chico, California native answers all my (very) random questions about the show and dishes on life in the Bachelor mansion, life after Brad Womack, Bachelor fashion and what she thinks of the infamous Bentley on this season of ‘The Bachelorette.’

You had never seen an episode of ‘The Bachelor’ before you went on the show. What did you expect when you got out of the limo that first night?
My two younger sisters thought it would be a great idea to sign me up for a dating show, and they were huge fans of 'The Bachelor', so the next thing I know I'm on a plane to LA to start filming. I had NO expectations getting out of that limo. I didn’t know who Brad was but I thought he looked good in a suit! I came out of that limo free-spirited and ready for anything and everything.

Shawntel with her sisters Destiny (left) and Vanessa

One of the things that made you stand out from the other girls was the fact that you have a very interesting job -you’re a funeral director. How do you separate your work from your life? Is it difficult not to take your work home with you when you deal with death on a daily basis?
This is a question I get asked a lot. In fact, the average funeral director burns out in 10 years because they were not able to separate themselves from work. Growing up in the business has helped me a lot. I have been around death all the time. It’s not that I am immune to death, but I have been able to learn early on how to professionally separate myself from the families I serve. A lot of people think that our job has to be easy, because all we do is work on the dead. This is so not true. We work with the survivors of the dead. I have a huge zest for life, and my family's like that…I help bring life to this work. There has been many times that I have cried with families or I have gone home thinking about what I saw, said or did at my work, but that’s healthy. It’s just not all the time…thank God!

Hometown date with Brad (on her embalming table) 

What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you on the job? 
There was this one time I was at the funeral home around 2 in the morning waiting for another employee to meet me so we could go on a removal. I was in the garage where our refrigeration unit is (and sometimes it makes noises). And of course, it made this loud thump noise and I FREAKED out. I didn’t even open the door to see what happened. The funny thing is I knew the refrigeration unit made noises. But that night I freaked myself out. 

Your first one-on-one date with Brad may have been one of the best dates in Bachelor history because he took you on a freakin' SHOPPING SPREE in Vegas! What was that like? And do you still wear the clothes he bought you? 
That was the best date EVER. I was literally in shock when Brad told me that I could have anything I wanted. I live in a small town, and our shopping is not the best. Some of the stores I never even heard of before but I pretended I knew. I do wear the clothes still, especially the shoes. I love shoes. A girl can never have enough shoes!

Shopping with Brad in Sin City 
A lot of people that watch ‘The Bachelor/Bachelorette’ think it’s extremely edited and maybe even scripted. Some viewers (like the majority of my friends) think contestants are actually actors planted on the show to stir up drama to increase ratings. What is your take on this?
I think it’s a little bit of both. I will tell you that the drama that starts with the contestants is REAL. When you are stuck in a house with a ton of girls, and you are all going after the same guy…the claws will come out. I am so NOT a drama girl, so that’s why I was not seen as much in the beginning with all the drama. I stayed OUT! I don’t necessarily think that they “plant” actors on the show, but I think that they know who they can get to stir up some ruckus! 

What did you girls do when you had spare time at the house?
We drank cocktails, sat by the pool, painted our nails and talked and talked and talked! We were filmed all day, every day. 

How long are the rose ceremonies? I get the impression from past contestants that they drag on forever! 
In the beginning the rose ceremonies are so long and very exhausting. But your adrenalin is so high and you are anxious that it helps with keeping you awake.

Totally random question: Were you allowed to talk to the camera operators while they were filming you or did you treat them like a fly on the wall?  
You are not able to talk to the camera operators. We were to focus on our conversations with each other and of course, Brad.

Do you get to choose who you room with? 
We didn’t get to choose who we roomed with, but it didn’t matter to me because I knew we weren’t going to be spending a lot of time in our rooms.

Who were you closest to in the house?
I came off the show with a best friend, Chantal. She and I not only shared the same name, but we just hit it off from the beginning. 

Shawntel and Chantal

What is Michelle Money really like?  
I really love Michelle. She and I got along very well. To be honest, I got along with most all of the girls. I didn’t let them interfere with me getting to know Brad. And I did that in a classy way. Michelle just is a sarcastic person, and it was taken the wrong way. She’s a beautiful mother. 

Did you do your own makeup on the show or is there a makeup artist on hand?
We did our own make-up and hair. 

How did you decide what to wear on the show? What were your favorite outfits? 
This was really hard, because normally when you are going out on a date or with friends, you ask your girlfriends if you look good or not. In this case, I usually didn’t like to ask the girls if I looked cute, because they would probably lie! I went shopping in my girlfriend’s closets before I left for the show, and had plenty of dresses and cute outfits to pick from. My favorite dress was my yellow gown I wore out of the limo, and then my outfit I wore on the shopping spree in Vegas. 

 Shawntel in her yellow dress, goofing off with Brad and during one of the most dramatic rose ceremonies ever. 

You totally kicked butt on the group stunt date. How do you stay in shape?
This date was SO fun. I just got into this mode of kick-butt time and got the lead role with Brad and was able to make-out with him…many times! I actually take kick-boxing lessons here in Chico. And I love it. It’s by far the best workout. Thank goodness I took those classes, because it came in handy that day!!!

 Making out with Womack
To see her in action click here

 If I take up kick boxing can I look like this??

What are your favorite stores to shop at?
I love to online shop and is one of my favorites. We have some fun boutiques here in Chico, like Urban Laundry, Ruby’s and Kreations. 

What are three beauty products you can’t live without?
I love my Victoria Secret banana lip-gloss, mineral bronzer and my MAC eye shadow “honey.” 

If you had been asked to be ‘The Bachelorette’ instead of Ashley this season would you have said yes?  
Actually, I was asked to be the Bachelorette and I considered it. I was a little hesitant though and didn’t think I needed to be the Bachelorette to find my husband. I think they made the right choice with Ashley.

I have to ask: What do you think of the whole Ashley and Bentley situation? Did you want to dropkick him like I did while watching the episode when he left the show? 
Heck yes! I wanted to dropkick Bentley. He is just a jerk! I have nothing to say about him aside from that he’s making a fool out of himself and I hate seeing a friend cry. 

Who do you think Ashley will choose? (I'm hoping it's JP!) 
I am really hoping Ashley picks JP, too. He’s my favorite for her. I am also loving, Ben F., Nick and Ames. 

 JP (wooh!) & Bentley (boo!)

What was the best part of being on ‘The Bachelor’?
The best part of being on 'The Bachelor' was the adventures I was able to be a part of. 

The worst? 
The worst was watching it and noticing how I wore pajamas ALL the time. I was hardly ever dressed up. But I guess that’s just me ; ). 

I understand you’re working on writing a book. Can you tell me a little bit about that? 
I am and I am so excited about that. I have always wanted to write a book ever since I was in the funeral industry. So I think now is the time. I am working on an autobiography and it’s going to be based on my upbringing in the funeral industry.

What is life like after ‘The Bachelor?’ Are you dating? 
A lot of doors have been opening up since I have been off the show. It’s an exciting time right now. I am not dating anyone. Like my grandmother always says, “he’ll come when you least expect it.” 

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*All personal photos courtesy of Shawntel Newton. Promo and show pictures via Wetpaint, Hollywood Gossip, TV Food and Drink & ABC


Kristin said...

What a fun Q&A! I'm loving those shops she linked!

Lindsey said...

Great interview, I read every word!! You asked some great questions and I really liked her on the show. Best of luck to her!

Courtney Erin said...

They totally were all too good for him! Great interview Marie - it was a treat to read and she seems to sweet and "real."

xoxo ~ Courtney

Nikosmommy said...

Amazing interview Marie! My friends and I have ALWAYS wondered if the girls have hair/makeup artists to help them and if they have access to a stylist to help with their looks.

Being on the bachelor sounds like a crazy experience....I could never get through it! LOL

Pop Champagne said...

fun interview! haha a shopping date where the guy buys anything, wow... I would LOVE to go on one of those!! and yeah they do come when you least expect them to huh :D

J. said...

GREAT INTERVIEW! GREAT blog post! SO FUN!!!! I bet you really enjoyed interviewing her! Marie you asked so many great questions, ones that I am sure so many people have while watching the show.
Really enjoyed this post! Good work!
:) J.

Kate said...

What a fun post! Shawntel was one of my favorites on the show, such a natural beauty!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Cool interview! I don't think we can watch the bachelor here in Ireland, but I watch E! news, so I know all about it!! :)SarahD

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Great interview, Marie!!

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Totally loved reading this post. It seemed like Chantel's job and parents scared Brad away, but what a kind soul she is.

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okay i have to read this tomorrow after i blast off later tonight!! can't wait!!


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She sounds like a fun person to interview.

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Interesting...I love the behind scenes info!

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Wow what fun interview! Loved reading her answers and get to know her from the "real" prespective.

P.S. Marie - I love the new web design of your blog.

P.P.S - Thanks so much for the sweet inspirational message on the blog, I love reading other ppl stories!

Have a great night!

Sandy Joe said...

This was so interesting. I've never watched The Bachelor but I might have to start now!

I went to Victoria HS!

x The Pretty Secrets

Anonymous said...

what an awesome interview girl!!!!

and i had no idea she was actually asked to be the bachelorette (gosh i wish she had accepted because i can hardly stomach ashley anymore!).

i actually really grew to like her on her family date...which was most awkward, but it gave a true sense of who she was and that she had great values. she definitely was WAY too good for brad.

loved it!!!

Mimi said...

wow, that was a really good interview! i don't really watch the bachelorette, but with that q&a, i am all interested. :D

<3, Mimi

love jenny xoxo said...

I love Shawntel on the bachelor! Way too good for Brad for sure!

Very cool that you interviewed her, she seems like such a classic and nice girl!


Meredith said...

Ugh, she's adorable! Way too good for Brad. Great interview Marie! :)

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