Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Photo Diary

1. bag - Zara, sweater - H & M, turband - asos, jewelry - Aldo do you see that it's snowing in this pic? On the first day of Spring, what's up with that???
2. artificial (yet beautiful) orchids at home
3. Prints Whiskerson Sultenfuss fast asleep
4. a few pieces of my jewelry
5. quinoa salad, recipe here
6. strawberry spinach salad
7. my sweet nephew Kayden

Did you have a good weekend? Mine was filled with family, friends, delicious food, a bit of shopping, (see my new handbag in the first pic that will double as a camera bag during Western Canada Fashion Week coming up? Thanks Zara!) and Mathew McConaughey and Ryan Philippe in the thriller "The Lincoln Lawyer" which I really enjoyed. But honestly how can you not enjoy any movie with Mathew and/or Ryan in it??? That would be like not enjoying ice cream or shoes. And I love ice cream and have way too many shoes!

Oh and today is my one year blog anniversary! To celebrate I have an exciting giveaway coming up as soon as my package from Revolve Clothing arrives. It was supposed to arrive last week but didn't. (Story of my life with online shopping!) So stay tuned!

Have a great week!

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Anna Jane said...

looks like you had a great weekend! your nephew is TOO cute and i am still in awe of how good you look in a turban-headband. if only i could look half as good! :)

Closet Fashionista said...

Awww your nephew is so cute!!! Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend :d

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday, Marie A la Mode :D
One year is a big milestone. More years to come!! :D

I love the first picture of you. The outfit and the editing are gorgeous! And quinoa salad!!!! mmmmmm..... :D

I went to see LIMITLESS yesterday. I have to say, Bradley Cooper > Matthew McConaughey, sorry :p And the movie was great!!

JennaStevie said...

This looks like a great weekend, those salads look soooo tasty!!
Yeah first day of spring and looks like the dead of winter, go figure.
Happy blogaversary!

Christine said...

you look absolutely gorgeous in the first picture, love your outfit as usual <3 Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend :)

Xoxo Christine

Kim's Vanity said...

Love that first pic, it looks so vintagey and cool! And that head band is so nice.

Kate said...

Happy Blogiversary!! This post is so cute, and those salads look deeeeelish!

Courtney Erin said...

Great photos - I'm glad you had a good weekend, I was trying to make it to the movies as well but it never added up for me!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Pop Champagne said...

the salad seems delicious, congrats on the blog anniversary and loveee the headpiece you got on!

this free bird said...

i love that top pic of you marie - the coloring, turband, ring, necklace - all looks fantastic. congrats on your one year anni! here's to many more to come.

ps-curse this crappy weather!!


Styles 'n Cream said...

Happy blog birthday. Looks like a very nice weekend - I love all of the beautiful and heakthy eats. I am a huge fan of quinoa.

bria ballerina said...

That quinoa salad looks delicious! I need to try my hand at making one soon...

Happy bloggy birthday! Love your blog :)


Adventures in Fashion said...

That first pic of you is magic! Love your outfit, especially the accessories! Great turban- gotta love Asos ;)


Mora e Bionda said...

Prints is sooo totally cute!
Love your blog... I am happy to follow!

ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing shots and post!Thanks for sharing!!!

Ashleigh said...

Happy Bloggerversary!!
Fun jewels - are those new?!
I have to check myself before I wreck myself in F21 jewelry section - it's like goodness overload!

Marie a la Mode said...

Ashleigh: Thank you! All the jewelry is new except the rosary bracelet which I got in Mexico last year. The feather necklace was a F21 purchase, the silver ring was from Aldo Accessories and the gold one from Le Chateau. I bought all of those on the weekend!

Anya Rudn said...

Great weekend!!
Love your pictures!

Tracy D said...

Prints couldn't be listening any more or closing his eyes any tighter :) Adorable nephew! Oh and that salad looks delicious..maybe you could share your recipe.

Alexandra said...

Happy Birthday to your blog!!!!
I love the pictures
your nephew is so sweet


Mrs. Julius said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! Love the pictures. You're making me hungry with the food pictures. :P

Tracy D said...

Thanks for the recipe...I am going to make that soon & I'll let you know how it goes!

Snappy-Q said...

Happy Blogiversary! Crazy how a year can fly by eh?
I love your new bag, it is gorgeous and that pic is awesome!
Oh, and I have to tell you that you don't have artificial calla lilies, you have artificial orchids... but they are still beautiful! And your nephew is a cutie!

Marie a la Mode said...

Snappy Q: Oops! Thanks for letting me know! I changed it ; )

bananas. said...

your hair turban is adorable! and i could gobble that entire spinach salad down. yum yum!

amanda archambault said...

I love your outfit! The jeans look great on you!
Great post, thanks for sharing!
stop by and check out my new post
And follow me and I'll follow you back!

J. said...

Kayden looks adorable!
I love the first pic!! You look amazing. The picture has this feeling to it!
:) J.

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

Happy Blogoversary!!! Your nephew is adorable, your orchids are beautiful and I totally dog your outfit. Soooo basically, I'm jealous of your whole weekend.

xo, Ashley

Fashion By He said...

gorgeous post, love the outfit

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

Fashion by He

In Pursuit of Style said...

I can't wait for Spring to come - I am in serious need of COLOR!

sharonlei said...

Oh what a lovely weekend. :) I Love your weekend look.. everything about it is perfect! Happy ONE year blogaversary. Yay. ;)

xx Love & Aloha

My Republic of Fashion said...

I CANNOT believe you are still getting snow. That is mad!! That food looks delicious and I love the outfit you are wearing. Those orchids look real, love them! :)SArahD

PS: Happy blog anniversary!

Marie a la Mode said...

Sarah: I know. It's so depressing!

Romeyd said...

Yay congratulations on your 1 year blog anniversary! Yum that quinoa salad looks delicious, will need to try it :)

love the new bag!

Kerri said...

please, please, post the recipe for the quinoa salad- or email me!!!

Leonie Lion said...

wunderful pictures :)
greets from germany

Lyosha said...

Congrats with one year anniversary!
The pictures are beautiful!

Marie a la Mode said...

Kerri: Recipe is posted above! It says click here.

Natasha said...

I love that first picture...your head band is soo cute!
Happy Bloggiversay!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

Heidi said...

Wow, looks like a fun weekend, I need to learn to make food that looks like that! :)

Catita said...

I love all these pictures Marie! The rings are great and that food looks yummy! Happy 1 year anniversary to your blog, mine is tomorrow I think or Friday...I'll also do a little giveaway this w-e!

calla said...

i LOVE those rings!


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