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photo by Katie Shapiro
from Para Ti Magazine

photo by Marc Baptiste

 Photo by Felix Lammers

photo by Marc Van Dalen

photo by Jimmy Backius

photo by Jimmy Backius

photo by Michael Thompson

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Almost three years ago I cut my hair short:

I don't think I would ever do that again. I liked it for a few months but then I grew tired of not being able to put it up in a ponytail or bun. Before I chopped of my locks I hadn't had short hair since I was five years old when my mom (who was clearly on CRACK at the time) took me to her hair dresser and gave me the most awful haircut. She cut it exactly like my brother's (who is only a year older than me) and strangers would come up to us and comment on how cute her "twin boys" were. Seriously, I had a haircut like Neil Patrick Harris circa Doogie Howser. Gawd, the memories! I shudder! Anyways, back to the point of this post:  I'm thinking of growing out my hair long. Like almost down-to-my-bum- long. Just for the hell of it. What do you think? This may come as a surprise to you but I have naturally curly hair that looks like a perm from 1989 that I straighten every day because if I let it go natural I look like a frizz poodle. An angry frizz poodle. What do you think? Should I grow it long? Keep it the same? Or chop it all off?

I hope you're having a good week!


Victoria India said...

If you regretted having it cut short then you shouldn't again, even though it did look nice. Im hella protective about my hair, i hateeeeeeeeeeeeee getting it cut! Ask yourself what would make you feel more like you? xo

Tany Lë *charmediem* said...

great photos

xx charmediem*

My Republic of Fashion said...

I love your hair as it is now! Don't cut!! Also, can I have that models hair in pic number 2, please?! haha :)SarahD

La pépite modeuse said...

Amazing picturees, I love your blog :)

Monica said...

grow it long! :) hair is so important i appreciate a girl with good hair. i love you with the hair bangs :)

Mon xx

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

LONG! - i have this urge all the time to just CHOP mine and i usually do - hence why my hair is short - but i've been trying to grow mine out - i have the THINNEST and SLOWEST growing hair ever - oh to have thick long hair *jealous* ..

Nikosmommy said...

Ok, apparently that was the rage circa mid to early 80's...for mothers to chop off all their daughter's hair thus making them resemble their brothers! Exact same thing happened to me when I was in grade two. I was mistaken for a boy ALLLLL the time (for like 2 years!) Awful.

As for your hair, I really like it at the length it is now! (the shorter hair was cute but not nearly as chic as your hair now.)
Now about the super long hair ala Chrystal Gayle circa 1982 (hair to the bum), I'm gonna have to say no to that. Super long hair kinda weirds me out... and so high maintenance, no?

shari @ little blue deer said...

Gorgeous! My mom smokes crack too (ba ha ha ha!). Just wanted to let you know that I have SERIOUSLY considered buying a pair of pointe shoes just to wear around the house. Seriously. XX!

this free bird said...

Grow that hair out Felicity. Grow it out and don't look back. It'll be FANTASTIC on you.


Closet Fashionista said...

Oh hair <3

My mom did the same thing to me! I had a bowl cut when I was 8 until like 12...UGH...now I hate my hair short, haha

The Zhush said...

I have your exact head of hair, except brunette..I straighten it everyday too! AND my mom cut mine waay too short when I was little, it was awful! We are hair twins!

Karena said...

Marie, your hair is adorable short, I love long hair, not the care of it though.

I have a Giveaway by the French Basketeer that I think you will love!

Art by Karena

Kate said...

I'm pro long hair! It looks great now, and I can totally see you pulling off really long hair!

Pop Champagne said...

you're brave chopping your hair off that short, I'd never have the guts! But I think you look great with the short hair, and the long hair, so lucky that you can pull both off!

bananas. said...

i once had my hair cut like a freakin beatle! as in the beatles. yea not cute.

i actually like short hair though. but it has to be long enough to put in a pom pom...a ponytail that's so short it looks like a pom pom.

but long hair rules so i say go for it!

Ashley said...

Hmm. I'm thinking you should keep it long-ish. Sometimes it gets pretty gross when it's down to the ass-ets long (or so I've heard). But you could try it and see what happens!

You look cute with short hair, but I'm more of a long hair girl myself. I love your 'do right now!

And personally, I want hair like the girl in the photo in the pink dress, with the sleeve hanging off the shoulder. That's hot!

P.S. Thanks for all your comments and input on my blog! I really appreciate it!

City Cinderella said...

oh ya! I forgot about your curly hair.
I chopped mine off 2nd year of college and have been trying to grow it out ever since! It's pretty long now. Almost irritating. But i love it

Catita said...

I did exactly the same about 1.5 years and as nice as it was for the first few months, I then wished it was long again and ever since I've been letting it grew. You did look great however! But long hair as long you we are young rules!!

Anonymous said...

With that beautiful face you could wear it however you want and look great! xo

J. said...

MARIE YOU WOULD LOOK BEAUTIFUL AND STUNNING IN ANY HAIR STYLE!!!! :) Not everyone can pull that off, but you sure can! :)


E said...

I totally would if I could! Do it!

herwaisechoice said...

I'm currently trying to grow my hair out so I might be a bit biased in saying it but I think you should grow it out! Although I love short hair too... it can look so edgy or incredibly chic and polished, depending on how it is styled. It also looks like you put time into it even if you just leave it... so yeah I don't think I helped you at all haha. But you look really good with the cut from 3 years ago, if that gives you any ideas!


MyLittlePhotographs said...

Hi Marie,
To answer your question I'm from Ottawa but I also lived in Alberta for a year, (In Calgary)

I must say, you look sooo cute with your short hair but I can understand how you felt about not being able to put your hair up, I'm going through that right now and i'm thinking of letting my hair grow long, which I'm really excited about.

Sara Louise said...

I have curly curly hair too and the only reason I liked to have it short was because it was easier to blow out! Now, my hair has been just past shoulder length forever! I want it to grow grow grow but it is so stubborn!

Anonymous said...

I think you should grow it out. You could, definitely, because you have nice hair. I had no idea that you had curly hair, though!!! And also... I tell myself that I want to enjoy long hair now because I think anyone over 40 should cut their hair (shoulder length is fine)... Hey I'm nowhere near 40 yet, ok, I'm just thinking ahead :-)

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