Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just for Fun

I was tagged by the lovely and beautiful Lena over at Quality Rivets to answer a few questions about myself. So here goes!

1.  What do you do?

      For a living I am a Buyer for a company that caters to the oil industry. I also do some acting here and there in commercials, movies and television and I teach Pilates once a week during the school year.

2.  What did you name your blog and why?

      Marie a la Mode. Mode means "a particular form, variety, or manner. Example: a mode of expression." This blog is my mode of expression. Also, I liked the alliteration of the two "M"'s : ).

3.   Why did you start blogging?

      Well I love writing, fashion, art, photography, beauty products/cosmetics and entertainment and I wanted a creative outlet to share my passions, inspirations and opinions with others so I created this blog to do so. I read many inspiring blogs for about two years before I had the courage to say, "I can do that!" and started my own.

4.   Whose closet would you raid?

      Oh my. To name a few: Rachel Bilson's, Nicole Richie's, Sienna Miller's, Clemence Poesy's, Jessica Alba's and Alexa Chung's. They all have amazing style and I'm sure their wardrobes would be nothing short of amazing!

5.   What trend are you loving right now?

       Body chains like the ones below:


6.   Where do you like to shop?

      H & M, Zara, F21, Winners, Aldo, thrift stores and Sephora and MAC for cosmetics.

7.   Are you an impulsive buyer or not?

      So not. I'm pretty smart with my money. Plus I have a mortgage to pay on my own so I can't afford to buy on impulse!

8.   How has your style evolved over the last few years?

      Well 5 years ago when I was teaching Pilates classes pretty much full-time I practically lived in my lululemon pants and tank tops and I never wore heels! That has since changed (thank goodness) and I love experimenting with the latest trends in fashion or wearing something that may not be trendy at the moment but suits my body and style, something I feel good in. I realize you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a great outfit, either.

      P.S. I wear heels now ; )

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My Republic of Fashion said...

Thanks for tagging me! Loved reading this.:)SarahD

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that you teach pilates! I think that is SO great. I'm thinking of doing a course next year to become a yoga teacher but I'm not certain yet (not too keen on meditating at 5:30am!). How long did your training last?

Marie Z. said...

Cafe Bellini: I love Yoga! My training was 115 hours over the course of about 4 months. I teach the matwork, not the machines which requires way more training : )

Lena said...

Have I seen you in any commercials? Loved this Q&A :)

Lena xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Mine would last at least a year but only a sporadic weekend here and there... I don't know which is better. We'll see, I still have another half year to decide!

Marie Z. said...

Lena: I've done quite a few national Brick commercials you may have seen. Otherwise most of them are local : )

Miss*Kimmy said...

Thanks for tagging me, Marie!
And thanks for giving us an insight into what makes you, you! You sound like a busy girl with your 3 jobs!

lauren lanza osias said...

looove pilates. and i so agree with you on the celeb closets to raise. rachel bilson all the way!!! i would have to add diane kruger.

a drunken fashion review.

kirstyb said...

fabulous post xxx

NaomiDee said...

thanks so much for tagging me! :)
thats so cool you act!!

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