Friday, May 7, 2010


Thank God it's Friday! It's been such a long, dreary week for me. We had a freakin' snowstorm on Monday (yes, in MAY) and the gloominess continued all throughout the week until today. I felt so lethargic and just uggghhh so almost every night I curled up on the couch in my sweats and a blanket to watch more episodes of Sex and the City. BTW I finished the very last episode (which I had NEVER SEEN, can you believe it???) tonight and cried. Bawled actually. I haven't cried like that since I watched that "16 and Pregnant" episode where the young but mature couple put their child up for adoption. Some of you know for the past few weeks all I've been watching is SATC from season 1 on and now all I have left to watch are the bonus features : ( I feel an emptiness inside me lol. Although in just a few weeks we'll all be able to see the second movie in theatres and the countdown is ON! Anyways, thankfully the sun came out this evening and almost all the snow has melted so the boyfriend and I took a stroll down Whyte Ave because we could!

On to the jewelry. Above is a pic of the recent  pieces I picked up at H & M. I bought the golden ring a few weeks ago and the rest today. My favorite color is turquoise so I died when I saw the silver ring with the turqoise stone for under $7. Right now they're having a "Buy Two Get One Free" sale so I guess I got it for less than that. I think I may have to go back there this weekend : )  Have a great weekend! I'll leave you with this quote just because : )

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StyleFrost said...

Love, love, love H&M jewellery! love their oval shaped rings!

NaomiDee said...

i love all your new jewellery..that blue teal ring is my fave...gorgeous! i cried so much at that 16 and pregnant ep too! did you see the one when they reunited them...i actually felt my heart break lol. and i love when carrie trips up mr big in the final ep! :)

J. said...

I felt the same way after finishing the series!!! I cried when it finished-I love the bit where she surprises the girls at the coffee shop (I cried) made me think of my best friends ;) I cried at the beginning and the end of the first movie and needless to say I am PUMPED and have tissue ready for the upcoming movie! Great Blog Marie, and what a GREAT quote, thank you for sharing.

Marie Z. said...

Naomi: yes I saw the re-united episode on 16 & Pregnant and cried then, too!

J.: Thanks always for your sweet comments! We will have to discuss SATC 2 after we see it!

Eri said...


Cute blog!

I have a new fashion blog! I would love you to have a look and be a new follower.

Hope to see you soon.

Caroline said...

The snow was awful.

Beautiful pieces you picked up at H&M. It's on the top of my list for places to shop. Hope you are feeling better - SATC will always cure the blues!!



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