Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Little White House Part 2

These are the last of the pics I took at The Little White House. This is the Salon Cafe, a perfect place to munch on pastries or sip afternoon tea. Sorry the lighting isn't the greatest!

The cupcakes looked so good! I love that there's a king's crown on the chair and a deck of cards on the table and in the tea cup. I have to admit I just noticed them now!

Black and white tiles and the mirrored tables spice up the room. Tea isn't my favorite, I'm more of a flavored hot chocolate kind of gal but if I HAD to drink it in a cafe like this I'm sure I could become a fan ; )


Fashion Nicotine said...

Looks great! Love the floor!

inked said...

ugh I want to try that place!

Lindsay LeBoyer said...

love the rings!

StyleFrost said...

Love the salon cafe, love cafes, especially ones with cupcakes!

Nata Amores said...

This is delectable!
The little white house seems enchanting.
A place out of a fairy tale.
I love your blog by the way

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