Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Last night I tested out my new camera and these are the results. I still have a lot of learning to do. I think I will need to borrow one of those "Dummies" books at the library. The last pic was totally by accident when I was editing from my camera but I thought it looked kinda cool! The top is actually a dress, I just tucked it into my skirt. Now that it is Spring I am really digging all the pastel colors. So I bid adieu to (most of) the black and grey clothing until next winter, hoping it doesn't come too soon ; ) It's supposed to be 16 degrees C. today! Yeah, baby.

pink ruffled dress - H & M
grey skirt - GAP
denim jacket - thrifted
beige shoes - Spring
accessories - random stores


J. said...

Nice work using the dress as a top! I am going to steal your idea ;) I think you are right goodbye to winter hello to spring!!!

NaomiDee said...

you look sooo pretty! love your hair and great idea with the dress. im loving all pastel colours too...they definately look great on blondes! and i think your pics turned out great! i especially love the second one...right im going to cross over to chictopia now and "chic" you there haha :)

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