Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finger Shoes?!

So last night while I was watching my guilty pleasure television show, ahem, TMZ, one of the paparazo's was following this actor in the airport who was wearing "finger shoes" also known as "barefoot shoes." Has anyone heard of these? I hadn't before last night and I have to admit they look kind of creepy in an alien-meets-Howard-the-Duck kind of way. However I did some research on these babies and apparently they have gotten rave reviews from runners and outdoor enthusiasts alike who swear they're as close to running barefoot as they come. Although they're not very fashion forward at the moment you never know - perhaps these shoes will become the next Crocs. God I hope not.


Kaitlyn said...

all i'm going to say about the hideous shoes is that they are, well, hideous.

Beauty Addict said...

First time I've seen them was in Italy.... HORRIBLE!!!

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