Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Family Photo Session With Fiddleleaf Photography

A couple of weeks ago my little family and I had the pleasure of working with local lifestyle photographer Kelly Marleau from Fiddleleaf Photography. I had actually met Kelly when I was pregnant, a few weeks before I gave birth. After following each other on social media and deciding we just had to work together, she came over to my house with coffee from Starbucks to meet my husband and I and check out the lighting in our house for the shoot, which wouldn't happen for another month or so, after baby decided to make his appearance ; ). This time was also spent getting to know one another. Kelly has such great energy and is super talented so I was really looking forward to our photo session with our brand new son! Here are some images Kelly took that day.

What I love about Kelly is the way that she works. She does in-home sessions which are very convenient especially when you have a newborn in residence ; ). Kelly is very laid-back and relaxed so even when Miles became fussy and started crying during our time together, she put my husband and I at ease and was extremely patient, telling me not to worry or stress. I appreciated she was totally understanding and lovely and waited until I calmed Miles down to resume taking photos. And because she's a parent herself, she could also relate to the fact we didn't get much sleep the night before, so we were lacking a bit of energy that day ; ). I love that she captured these precious moments with our son in our own surroundings so that these photos are completely natural and organic, not contrived at all. For more info on Fiddleleaf Photography you can click here.

Thanks Kelly for these beautiful photos. They are so special and we will cherish them always : )



Closet Fashionista said...

Such beautiful photos! Miles is just the cutest! :D

Unknown said...

Truly an awesome family photo session and you have clicked quite beautiful pictures. Last month, arranged my family get together and hired a Port Macquarie Photographer who is truly an expert in taking indoor and portrait photography. Loved his work!

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