Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Life

Since I'm a bit behind on blog posts this week I thought I'd fill in the space with some instagram pics from the last month or so of my life. That's what I tend to do when I don't have anything else to post about, if you haven't noticed! So here they are. Clockwise starting from top left:

1. D. and I went to our friends' wedding in Canmore last month. It was a beautiful wedding! The couple didn't get married in this church, they got married in the country but isn't this church adorable?
2. This is where you'll find me most week nights during the winter - on the couch in my Bigfoot slippers with some tea or hot chocolate. I have a very exciting social life.
3. The view from my office window at work. Although I really don't like the cold, the snow is absolutely beautiful, don't you think?
4. I found myself on the U.S. Netflix in a show called 'Fear Itself' that I filmed yearrrrrrs ago! (To see a clip, click here but it's VERY DISTURBING, FYI.)

1. All bundled up to face the cold outside.Wearing a hat from Zara.
2. Lunch at The Next Act, my favorite restaurant/pub.
3. Kitty!
4. Wearing my new purse from Top Shop (click here for the full outfit.)

1. I was part of a fun thrifting challenge in The Edmonton Journal. You can read the article here.
2. Caroline, Janis and I at the Amor/Suka Spring 2013 launch party at The Bamboo Ballroom.
3. My friend sent this pic of me she took in the LRT station downtown. 
To read more about the campaign I'm a part of, click here.
4. Mmmmm margherita pizza at Famoso! It's even better than it looks, kids.

I hope you're having a good week! 


JennaStevie said...

Canmore would be a beautiful place to get married for sure!! Love the beautiful snowy landscape
It's awesome that you were in that campaign and crazy to see your face in the LRT station!
Looks like a really great week, and i agree that famoso definitely has the best pizza ;)

A Beautiful Life said...

you take great pictures. I especially love the Canmore church; it looks so romantic. And your lunch at the pub looks fab.

Catita said...

The 2nd set of pictures is lovely! Love the food pics, and of course your cutie of a cat!

Closet Fashionista said...

You've been quite the busy lady! And you always seem to do disturbing things,haha. Though the domestic violence one is for a good cause, so that's awesome! (I'm not a scary movie/show person, ha ha)

Anonymous said...

The Next Act is my favourite too! That side salad looks amazing!

Courtney Erin said...

I need to get myself into the Next Act for a veggie burger!

Courtney ~

Jen Hsieh said...

I'm loving these Instagram snapshots from your life! You look gorgeous in the Zara hat and your kitty is adorable in those cozy sheets. :)


this free bird said...

You had me at Bigfoot slippers.

Bakcocó said...

i like your blog great pictures

xx bakcoco.blogspot

J. said...

What a beautiful picture in Canmore. It looks like a winter wonderland there! Love the pic of kitty! You look so cute all bundled up warm!

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