Monday, July 9, 2012

A Whole Lotta Yellow

When I was fifteen and moved into a new home with my family I asked if the walls in my room could be painted yellow. Much to my delight my parents said yes and I slept in a happy bubble of sunshine (along with Audrey Hepburn posters) every night until I moved out in my very early twenties and headed to Vancouver for a couple of years. When I returned I decided I was sick of the bright color and decided to paint my room a more "mature" pink color. I regretted it. Don't get me wrong, I love pink but just not on my walls. They looked like pepto-bismal had thrown up all over them. Yellow is such a happier color don't you think? If only my boyfriend would allow me to paint our walls in our home this lovely shade, I would be one happy girl! But just like Lindsay Lohan's career cannot be revived, it's never gonna happen so I'll focus on wearing the color instead and embracing this summer trend.

Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Richie and Karolina Kurkova do yellow right

Hot yellow runway looks

photos via, glamour, glamouruk and net-a-porter

My yellow picks: The Rolled Skinny low-rise jeans by Current/Elliot $180, Braid-trimmed triangle bikini by Tara Mathews $180, Victoria Structured Tote by Victoria Beckham $3850.00 (Ha! A girl can dream, can't she?!)

Do you do yellow?


Sandy Joe said...

I love Kirsten Dunst's look. Those pants! Maybe try coaxing your boyfriend into having one yellow feature wall? I can get behind this colour.

x The Pretty Secrets

Melanie Liliana said...

I absolutely LOVE yellow although I don't own much of it in my wardrobe! and yes the Stampede was so fun! I want to do a pub crawl! :)

Closet Fashionista said...

Yayy for yellow!! I wish it looked good on me, I just have to admire it from afar :)

Courtney Erin said...

For some strange reason I always shy away from yellow but this may have converted me!

Courtney ~

Mimi said...

i just died and went to heaven, haha! i love all of these, i love yellow! ;D

<3, Mimi
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Sue said...

Nicole's look is lovely ;)

JennaStevie said...

This shade of yellow is AMAZING, I would love that little dress nicole richie is wearing. And the idea of bright yellow pants is great.

Bri said...

What no yellow in your house? Boo!

Well I'm seriously in love with all the yellow picks you've shared here, I mostly have to rock yellow on my bottom half as it seems to make me look sallow worn close to my face, so sad!

I'm really liking the yellow blazer with the goldy yellow printed pants Kirsten Dunst is wearing.

Imani Love said...

This is great! Yellow is such a difficult color to pull of but looks phenom with a red lip!
-Imani Love

Natalie said...

Omgosh, I LOVE the yellow brigade! So amazing, I'm reaching for some sunshine when I get dressed tomorrow! xx Nat

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing post, darling!
I need that yellow bikini!


Every Day Rachel said...

Yellow is fun!

Sorren said...

Oh my, I LOVE yellow! I painted my teenage bedroom an icy blue on two walls with the two other being alternating thick buttery yellow and icy blue striped, separated by thin white stripes. I still love it. When I go home, waking up to this light room filled with sunshine is just the best!

I love yellow clothes for a different reason though... they always make my skin look more tanned than it is! Those jeans are to die for and I love the yellow dress Olivia P is wearing... oh no, I've got envy.

briannelee said...

One of my fave colors too!

Allie said...

I love yellow! Thanks for all the inspiration! Def. following!



danielle said...

just got a pair of yellow skinnies on sale from helmut lang. score! now i just need that beckham tote!

Libby said...

Yes... I want to do it so badly! there were a pair of supderduperCRAZY bright yellow pants and shorts at Joe Fresh that i almost went for but chickened out last minute!

The top left pants you have pictured here are divine!

Cee said...

So many pretty yellow outfits! Love. I was never a fan of yellow growing up but it's really grown on me over the past few years. I'm not always into brights, but yellow is one colour I just can't resist. Hope you'll get your happy walls again one day :)

J. said...

I love yellow too!!! I wish it looked better on me....Loved the commentary regarding your room! lol
:) J.

Jennifer@DreamingofJune said...

I love yellow, but I cannot do yellow! Maybe for an accessory like the yellow bag, but my pinkish complexion is not friends with yellow or orange!! I do love it on other people tho.

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