Thursday, March 15, 2012

Double Whammy Celebration! Win a $100 Gift Voucher for Asos!

Today is a very special day! Not only am I celebrating my two year blog anniversary but today is the day that I'm launching my new styling website Styling by Marie Zydek*! I wanted to celebrate these two major events with a special giveaway for all my wonderful readers who have been supporting and reading Marie a la Mode and who will hopefully visit my other site from time to time! I thought a $100 gift voucher to Asos**, one of my favorite online fashion stores would be appropriate since they ship anywhere in the world which means anyone can enter! Even if you live in Siberia ; ). Plus they sell women's and men's clothing so both ladies and gents are eligible for this contest. For the rules on how to enter, please read below carefully.

Go to my Styling by Marie Zydek website here, and click on the bottom post at the bottom of the page with the title "Win a $100 gift voucher to Asos!" Follow the rules at the bottom of that post. Easy peasy!

*I want to thank my dear friend Harvey Miedreich for helping me design my new website. Without him it would have looked really sucky.

**Asos is not sponsoring this giveaway, I am.  With my own moola!

Thanks! Good luck!

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