Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweet Carousel's Laced Up Cabaret + a Giveaway Winner!

 Janis from Dress Me Dearly and I

This past Friday I joined some of Edmonton's most eclectic, fun and unique individuals at the Empire Ballroom to take in Sweet Carousel Corsetry's much-anticipated 'Laced Up Cabaret.'  The place was packed and the energy in the room was buzzing even before the show started.

I was able to get a few pics of the crowd. I love how people dressed up, some even in costumes.

The dress on the left was made entirely out of latex!

Burlesque dancer 'Lucky L'Amore' started the show off with a cute little striptease....

And then the much-anticipated fashion show started.

How gorgeous are these hand-made corsets?? Seriously!

All the models had major sass. It was so fun watching them strut their stuff across the stage as the crowd whistled and cheered them on.

Cheeky ; )

I so wanted to try these on.

What I loved about the show (besides all the beautiful corsets obviously) was that the models were all different shapes and sizes; they totally OWNED the stage and looked like they were having a blast up there!

Talented designer Elise Truong waves to the crowd at the end of a very successful show.

Hair was done by Davines and makeup by Lady Venom Cosmetics. 
Both did such an amazing job!

Bloggerrrrrs! Jenna, Janis and I

If you missed the show this year, don't worry. Lucky for us, Elise tells me she plans on making the show an annual event! You can bet your "sass" I'll be in the front row every year ; ).

Also, congratulations to Jerrica  for winning the Chelsea Crew Booties from NET A LA MODE! Thank you to NET A LA MODE for sponsoring this giveaway and to everyone who entered. I have another giveaway coming up soon so stay tuned!


Mademoiselle Lala said...

It looks fantastick! :)

P.S. I think I haven't seen you before in glasses! Chic! X

Closet Fashionista said...

Woah, those are some coocoo outfits, haha. Looks like lots of fun! :D

Courtney Erin said...

That looks like such a fun time - and so many fun pieces!

Courtney ~

Elisa said...

beautiful pictures!

Bonnie said...

This looks like my kind of party.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Danielle said...

It is so great to see local events and other Edmonton bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

Alexandra said...

Amazing!! And like you said, what I especially love about all of this was the fact that all the models were so different. It's so refreshing to see some uniqueness and personality on a catwalk instead of the usual models-as-hangers type that usually walks down them. You ladies all look beautiful too, I'm loving your chic black look!

Alexandra xo

SABINNA and DAVID said...

wow, these are very cool!!

xx, Sabinna and David
Broken Cookies

J. said...

Wow looked like a great fun event! Great pics Marie. Love the glasses on you :)
Congrats to the winner.
:) J.

JennaStevie said...

Such a fun time!! I love the photos, they turned out really good!! The corsets were gorgeous

love jenny xoxo said...

wow looks like a blast! Great get-ups on all the ladies, very beautiful!


Tracy D said...

That looks like one crazy amazing evening!

Pop Champagne said...

looks fun! haha love the latex kety perry outfit! I'm going to meet Janis this weekend I think :D

kimberdoll said...

WOW super risque! looks like fun.

Raia said...

Haha that was me in the latex dress! It's by Westward Bound a UK designer

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