Monday, September 13, 2010

Lancome Gift With Purchase

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Last week I bought some makeup products at Sears' Lancome counter just so I could get this awesome gift with purchase. I don't usually use Lancome, I'm more of a MAC girl but how could I pass this up? Who doesn't love promotions? Who doesn't love spending $34.00 on makeup and/or skincare that you may or may not need and getting $167 worth of free products back? I freakin' ENJOY these freebies! Here's what my gift contained:

- Nutrix Royal Body Intense Lipid Repair Cream 60g
-High Resolution Refill-3X Triple Action Renewal Anti-Wrinkle Cream w/ SPF 15 Sunscreen 15g
-High Resolution Intense Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Serum 15 ml
-Color Design Cream Lipstick in 'Love It!'
-Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Mascara in 'Excessive Black'
-Color Design Ombre Effect Eye Shadow Quad
-Black Makeup Bag
-Black Companion Makeup Bag

You can choose 6 different products, two of them have to be skincare products. The items I didn't choose were a Juicy Tube Lipgloss, a bottle of Eye Makeup Remover and the skincare products for women over forty because, well I'm not forty just yet ; )

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Here's a close-up of the skincare I chose. (Sorry the bottom one - the anti-wrinkle cream - is out of focus.)

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Here's the eye shadow quad. From top left clockwise the colors are: Impress, Avant Gold, Sparkling Brown and Gold Riche.

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Here's a swatch.

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Here's what all 4 colors look like on my eyes.

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Close-up of the makeup products I chose.

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Here's what the lipstick looks like on. It looks much pinker in the tube, I thought it would be too bright and pink for me but it's actually quite lighter and warmer when applied.

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And here's what I bought to get my goodies. A shimmer eye shadow called Gaze and a lip liner with a lip brush called Charme. I wanted a shimmery, vanilla-colored light eyeshadow and the lip liner just so happens to match the lipstick I got in my gift which I didn't plan.

So I haven't used any of the skincare yet because I'm trying to use up my other (very) expensive facial products first. Can you blame me when I spend over $200 on anti-aging products?  : o  I love the colors of the lipstick and eye shadows. The eye shadows are easy to apply and last throughout the day. I should note here that the colors of the eye shadows may vary from store to store. As for the mascara: I've been a fan of Lancome's mascaras for a long time, they're amazing, but they're just really expensive for me to buy on a regular basis so I tend to buy drugstore brands instead. And the cute mama and baby makeup bags - how adorable are they? All in all, this gift with purchase is totally worth the $34.00 you have to spend to receive it. I'll use everything in the pack which isn't always the case with other gifts w/ purchases I've received because sometimes the colors of makeup products they offer don't look good on me; sometimes I feel the make-up brands put together a clustermuck of products they're trying to get rid of. Not this time. I am in love with quality of the make-up products and you can tell the skincare is expensive so it MUST work right??? Ha, I'll let you know! I'll be buying Lancome in the future for sure.

What are your favorite Lancome products? And are you going to be shopping at Sears this week? ; )


J. said...

I LOVE THE LANCOME MASCARA it is the best next to the mac mascara......Just a little side note. :)
You are making me want to go shopping Marie!!!!!!!!

My Republic of Fashion said...

You got some great stuff! Love the eyeshadow. The colour is gorgeous. :)SarahD

Tara said...

hey i'm tara from Indonesia, i love your blog.
If you don't mind please check my blog and leave your comment.

liloo said...

Such a great stuff honey , love especially the e/s quad :)

shari @ little blue deer said...

Awesome freebies, lancome has always been one of my favorite brands! I love their Definicils, love their self-tanner (it's the best self-tanner out there, IMO), and their eyeshadows, they are a classic, and they rock! XX!

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh! Great stuff! :D

Ashley said...

Nice!!! I can't believe you got so much stuffs for free! I just got some eyeshadow from's good, but I'm used to the highly pigmented shadows of Urban Decay/Mac.

Pop Champagne said...

cool!! haha I always buy things when they got special promos going on! how is their face cream? is it sticky or oily when you put it on? Just wondering because I'm searching for a new night moisturizer cream and I got oily/combination skin.

and yeah man ottawa's shopping sucks. we are finally getting an urban outfitters. we just got zara last year. LOL.

Marie Z. said...

Pop Champagne: I haven't tried the face cream yet! I'm using up my current products first. I'll let you know once I try it ; ) Right now I'm using a RoC night cream with retinol which is a great anti-aging ingredient. You can get RoC products at the drugstore. I love it and it's not greasy or oily at all.

Miss Vendella said...

I'm in love with your blog. Amazing posts! :)
You have a new follower! ;)

Smiles and kisses


Catita said...

so many freebies! Ah miss north america for that and more obviously!!

this free bird said...

You hit the freaking JACKPOT. The lipstick looks really pretty and ps - when you do try out the anti-aging plz gimme a holler. Would love to know how it works out!


Princess Feef said...

oh wow everything look great =D kinda envy u <3
enjoy ur goodies hun xx

Heather said...

oooh love the pink lipstick!

rebecca said...

everything is so much better when it's free! :D

bananas. said...

COOLIO!!! this reminds me of my high school days when i used to wait until clinique had a gift bag sale to spend $20.

i probably ended up with more product than i needed but hey i looked good! haha!

Phuong said...

looks gorgeous on you

NaomiDee said...

wow! what a great deal! i really love the colour of that lippie and the eyeshadows are great colours for fall :)

Morgan. said...

Aw I love freebies! Look like you got some really good ones, too! :)
Good work! :P

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I love gifts, even if it's with purchase! I used to use their mascaras, they're quite good. And eye make up remover.

Miss*Kimmy said...

That lipstick is so pretty on you!
I love new lipsticks, they're so nice just to look at!

Kate said...

holy smokes!! I am heading to sears this week, this is an amazing deal!! thanks for sharing! love all the products you picked!

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