Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bang for Your Buck

I had read a couple of rave reviews in the blogosphere of Wet 'N Wild's Color Icon collection eyeshadow pallet so I thought I'd try it out for myself.

I bought the one on on the left called "Greed"

My mom bought "Lust"

Each palette comes with 3 matte and 3 highly-pigmented shades. Now when I think of Wet 'N Wild I think cheap and bad quality because of the low pricing and also because I bought a nude lipstick when I was 13 and it looked pasty on me and hardly stayed on, it was basically crap. I thought I should give Wet 'N Wild another chance. After all, it had been a loooong time. I'm so glad I did. I bought mine at Wal-mart after searching for it at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart and Superstore (in Canada) and they must have re-vamped their make-up line or something because I was super-impressed with the product and now prefer this eyeshadow over the MAC ones I've been using, as does my mom. The shadow goes on super smooth, is easy to blend and lasts all day. Surprised? I was, too. And it's under $6.00 CDN. Definitely a steal. I am now a huge fan and will continue to try their other products. And I won't put a dent in my wallet!


veronicaa said...

Great colours :)
Love your DIY post too!
Awesome blog!
XO Veronica

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog the other day! I shall follow you and I hope you will visit often, too.
These palettes look a lot like the limited edition things by MAC!
I posted my review on the To the Beach collection today so please have a look!

J. said...

Marie you are just adding to my make up obsession :) I believe that I must go shopping to Wal Mart!!! I love the "Lust Palette"!!!
Thanks for filling us in on this great deal!

Nicole Jarecz said...

i love when there are great deals like this!

come to my blog and vote for my illustrations?


Marie Z. said...

Veronica: thank you!

Cafe Bellini: Your welcome!

J.: Your welcome : ) Let me know how you like their make-up

Nicole: I voted for you, great work!

Ann said...

I wanna try these!

Fintia said...

I bought Greed and Lust palettes like a month ago and I am loving them. The shimmery colors are not that pigmented but I mean, they are that cheap that I did not bother me lol

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